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  1. 我能否获得另一个下载链接(我不是来自中国,也无法下载)
  2. 我如何使31个值看起来像您一样?
  3. Team Name: SonsOfTheDeath Team Tag: [HDLM] . Registered Players: RealDevilLegend, JorgeFirebolt, Killuminatis, Azzazz, SkullDeus, Nagahex, Makx,Zenenn, DylanWoodZ, DarkNightzZ, xMago, yaritan, InuyhasaL, AaronRC, AurumPegasus. Team Captain: RealDevilLegend
  4. Hello, I would like to propose something, well, more than a "suggestion" it would be like a question ... I mean, I would like to read why they do not implement something similar to what I show in this photo What I'm trying to imply is to receive a kind of warning when we want to escape from a shiny Pokémon, to use as a basis the message that comes out when you want to log out ... Not the best edition (actually I don't like how it is) But you understand my idea, and yes, I know there are several ways to avoid escaping from a brilliant ... There is the 3D Battle HD Sprites mod (many MOD examples), or just pay attention to the color, the particles and the sound ( if it's active), but when I have PokeMMO in the background what do I mean by background? Well, in this other photo I show you what I want to say ... Well, that's what I mean, but it would really be a screen split ... You understand me ... And I think looking for brightness can be boring, and that's why I do this, splitting the screen, with other games, YouTube , Netflix, Anime, etc ... And when doing this I escaped from a Shiny Deino (I had MOD activated), and it also happened to my friend kodigox, with a Shiny Mudkip, (His loss hurt me, I was also inspired by him to this) this is the photo of the Shiny Mudkip (It can be seen in the chat, battle tag) The point is ... Also, for me it's a good idea, that is, I don't see how this could affect the game ... (I see it as a good contribution), but i don't know, they will have their reasons i guess, now my question is ... can this really affect the game? Isn't it really a good idea to implement something like this? Personally, I think it would be nice, but not necessary, but if it doesn't directly affect the game in a negative way ... why not do it like this, thanks for your time ;) (If I'm wrong about something, I'm Spanish and all this is written with the translator ...)
  5. Team Name:SonOfTheNight Registred Players:RNGhost,ThypeTheory,SkullDeus,chiminapio
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