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  1. It can be a solution too and I agree with it I had even thought about it but I have not commented much more because I do not see a response from any of the admins I don't know how this is not a problem if you clearly break the evasion clauses
  2. What happens to your eye 😧
  3. My first shiny I lost was a Ditto I spent more than 20 days looking for him in hordes finally when I came out I got so nervous that I did not change to a metapod to transform into it. And it became my strongest Pokémon a Lucario lvl100... But recently I got it after 4 raticates 🙂
  4. The first statistic that went up was evasion
  5. Hola,la imagen es de una partida de un amigo y ahora entiendo por qué eh visto a algunos usando ese equipo específicamente y es que el movimiento acupresion sube una estadística al azar incluso la evasión ya algunos jugadores se están aprovechando de esto, me gustaría que fuera baneado rompe las cláusulas de evasión ,saludos Hello, the image is of a game of a friend and now I understand why I have seen some using that equipment specifically and is that the pression movement raises a random statistic even evasion and some players are taking advantage of this, I would like it to be banned breaks the evasion clauses.
  6. danhred

    New Rule

    yo busco a mi perro ,hace dos días se perdió 😞 I am looking for my dog, two days ago he missed 😞
  7. In the first poll I voted no because I think the pairings are fine, which you have to understand that if you are looking for a game in doubles or any other tier with few coincidences it is normal to touch you against a top for the lack of players Also the pairing, by experience, works like this: Let's say you are a character in OU and you start winning many battles you still do not reach the 550 of ELO you need to be cool but the system pairs you with players of higher ELO so that you have the opportunity to climb faster, because in the end you are interested in fighting against players who give you more points If you fight a rookie your ELo will not go up much Another case that has happened to me is that let's say you are veteran rank and you start to lose several battles in a row (bad day) the system begins to pair you with players of lower ELO maybe to make you come to reason or to give a chance to those of low rank I do not know if this is something that is really part of the system or only coincidences but still I think the matchmaking system is fine And in the second poll yes, I think there should be a better route of recommendations with missions that make the pvp more fun and varied
  8. It's true, the good thing about pokemmo managers is that they have been very intelligent and have been on the edge they know what they can do and what they can't, that's why it has lasted so long and better keep it that way
  9. I will donate a winged helmet and 200k
  10. Teselia 2017 Sinnoh 2020 Jhoto tomorrow
  11. What really killed the levels like NU, Uu and dubs was the inclusion of random battles because the changes in the tier have always existed and the tiers kept working well, the problem is random My theory of what people think is: New players: 1-I don't need to build a team and spend money and hours of farming 2-it's fun 3-receive rewards What else is needed? Experienced players: 1-finding a game is very difficult 2-better create my team and only play in tournaments 3-game 5 battles and I enter the top, ready I have priority in tournaments
  12. Oww... I understand, then I will have to capture the ambipom shiny for me to have my OT, it will be a difficult search
  13. Hello everyone, I have a doubt and is that if I breeding a Ditto shiny (with my OT) and breeding it with an ambipom (without my OT) the baby with which OT comes out?
  14. Torkoal Ou New update 1 January
  15. I don't know how to explain myself well but what I want to get to is that the game should not affect what Pokémon to use in each tier. For example, if in one of the missions it says: Win 50 battles with Lucario Reward:1250 points battle prizes this affects the use of other Pokémon to which this is effective as weawille would lower its use, It would increase the use of dugtrio perhaps to enclose the Lucario and climb to OU
  16. I mean this Official Tier Policies Tiering will continue to be usage-based, following a usage cycle of 3 months. In the first two months of the cycle, a Pokemon will need to be used at least 6.7% in a tier to move up or at most 1.7% in a tier to move down. In the third month of the cycle, a cut-off of 4.36% will be used for both upward and downward movements. Updates will be made to the three tiers at the beginning of every month depending on if Pokemon fall below or above the cut-off point. All official usage can be found in this thread.
  17. I don't agree with being forced to use a specific Pokémon in missions because that affects the changes in the tiers
  18. Since Random started the matches in Uu, Nu and doubles were seriously reduced, there is a link in this forum talking about it, so it is not something of the new season
  19. I only know him from the forum and it seems to me that people like you are the ones who are derailing the threads of the forum making comments like "this Match was ez" when that was not the idea when commenting on it, the problem is that the tier are dead and it is a problem apparently it does not affect you because with only 510 of ELo you can already enter the top of doubles that shame feel proud to be top in a tier dead
  20. That is a big problem and it happens the same with UU and NU and it has happened worse, in Nu my favorite tier has taken me 20 minutes to find a game, most of the time I spend playing Random to be able to entertain myself The tier are dead and that is a big problem, the suggestion of the missions seems to me a very good idea to fix it many problems of the game that becomes so boring and monotonous if you have been playing for a long time. Please add missions in both competitive and adventure
  21. He was not trying to compete in doubles but to see how long it took to find a match in that tier 🤦
  22. There are people like in my case with bad internet and sometimes I lose games because of that and I have come to temporarily ban the pvp, I think the system is fine now as it is And I don't know what you're complaining about if the longer a game lasts, the more reward reward points you receive._.)
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