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  1. It is true, but it is also useful to balance that there are not many games in those tiers. Of course I know that it will not greatly increase the number of players because it is also everyone's preference but at least with interest you earn something and it is possible to be your new favorite tier ^^ PS: the inclusion of Pokémon from tier never used to the rewards of AL seems to me a very good thing, who knows maybe in the next season there are already those who have collected 6 Pokémon reward
  2. I propose that in the tier less played increase the rewards obtained from battle points, since in these tier as they are double, never used and under used to find a game is very difficult due to the lack of players in them so it would increase the interest of the players for these tiers. In the same way if the number of players and games found increases, the battle points obtained per game won would be lower
  3. I suggest that you enable a more comfortable way to use pokeball in battle, such as enabling the quick access bar in battle so register the pokeball and use it by tapping the key in which it is registered.
  4. Tal vez te sea sospechoso pero muchas personas hacen eso criar 5x31 y venderlos es su negocio. Y por la eo supongo que busca un yanma shiny xD al parecer cria los yanma hasta 5x31 con la fe de que algún día salga uno shiny y recibe ganancia de eso No creo sea posible clonar en pokemmo Maybe it's suspicious to you but many people do that raising 5x31 and selling them is their business. And for the eo I guess he looks for a yanma shiny xD apparently raises the yanma up to 5x31 with the faith that one day a shiny one will come out and receive profit from that. I don't think it's possible to clone in pokemmo
  5. And what do you currently have in the works? Any clues😳🙂
  6. They run out of ideas because they focus a lot on cap cosmetics there are many other customizable parts for example the gloves the torch is an excellent cosmetic and you do not have to be very creative to think of one imagine a spell book now that we have the wizard cosmetics A spell book with an animation that opens and magic letters come out and closes again, What do you believe? Or on bicycles imagine the surprise and excitement of a new cosmetic bicycle one type Ghost Rider would be cool to use with the burning skull too bad I can't buy an xD PS:In my opinion the wolf mask is super good animation, it's 10/10
  7. I wish we could customize our Pokémon more with cosmetics the particles are fine but it would be great to go with our Pokémon with kawai cosmetics ^^ they could also have a function like they add +10 attributes in sweetness, charisma or other characteristics when they have the cosmetics on It could also be added that players compete with each other in contests and receive prizes with pokeblocks or cosmetic rewards things like that. I don't know how I could add this 🤔 can give ideas of how it could be. I sincerely believe that this would add more variety and is among the possible in my opinion I know that there are much more desired things that could be added such as hidden abilities or mega evolutions and legendaries but my suggestion is something different for more variety in vanity and that could be taken into account in the future 🙂 vote for developers to read and keep in mind thank you very much
  8. It is that nobody thinks about the controls of ps3???!!😞
  9. Hello with the new update and the sinno region can plant berries but I look and can not find a guide where I locate where the areas are. Can anyone tell me the routes where the fertile lands of Sinno are located
  10. Hola bueno me ha pasado un error que en lo que he estado buscando un pokemon variocolor y cuando salí, el juego decidió echarme por alguna razón no sé si fue la conexión o un error pero cuando me Volví ya no me quedé en la pelea lo cual es bastante extraño ya que siempre que pasaba eso se salvó en la pelea. por favor ayúdame ¿qué se puede hacer? Lo he estado buscando durante mucho tiempo y no puedo creer que eso haya sucedido, tengo una foto que era un variocolor ídem. ¡Por favor ayuda!
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