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  1. Brother, I hope you understand something, "There are 6 pokes, you will never have a full ps lucario to constrrestar a cloyster" the problem here is that you can put together a good team, a core of magne + rotom bold, be winning 6.0 and out of nowhere A cloyster appears, the magne and the rotom flicker and you lose tremendous game because of the rng, tell me where is the competitive and fun in that? .. it is completely ridiculous and demotivating to lose a duel that you have completely won because of an rng of mrd
  2. Ing: CarolML País: Venezuela Nivel : OU/UU Discor: Carol#7346
  3. Ing: ZacM País: Venezuela Nivel : OU Discor: Zac # 2252
  4. Hey bro, I owe you 400k, pass me your name to leave the money to the mail
  5. toma madara y superman ... mi mal, no me había dado cuenta de que el duelo de superman había terminado cuando acepté la apuesta
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