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  1. Ing: CarolML País: Venezuela Nivel : OU/UU Discor: Carol#7346
  2. Ing: ZacM País: Venezuela Nivel : OU Discor: Zac # 2252
  3. Hey bro, I owe you 400k, pass me your name to leave the money to the mail
  4. toma madara y superman ... mi mal, no me había dado cuenta de que el duelo de superman había terminado cuando acepté la apuesta
  5. I take all the bets against the bats(we could take it to 500k each, to make it more interesting)
  6. OU: Frags vs Yosoyarca OU2: CristhianArce vs Kiwikidd Dobles: GasaiYunoSan vs Rendi 1m in each game, null if it is sub or activity
  7. You definitely have shit on your mind, I don't expect you to pay me, it's more than obvious that you don't have how to do it, I don't expect you to understand, it's more than evident that your little brain doesn't work, let's hope @Daryl does something about it. ..
  8. It is not an old discussion, it happened with me a few days ago and with sebat it was today, tomorrow maybe it will happen with you
  9. clearly in the screenshot that happened sebat nobody had taken the bet before, just like me, nobody took your bet before, I did it, you did not feel like paying, it was not only with us, you are like that with all the world, I disgust people like your friend of mine. I just hope @daryl does something about it to prevent us from continuing with these issues
  10. I can't figure out if you're a shitty rat that only comes to make a fuss or if you're just a shitty brute who doesn't understand that when you place a bet in chat and someone takes it you must pay, it's always been like that, now it is Incredible that people as ridiculous and sick as you come out, excusing myself with the simple fact that I did not write to you privately, I just hope someone does something about you
  11. You owed me money too, the real question is "When the heck do you get blacklisted?"
  12. Contigo no creo que sea necesario, te conozco y se que pagas !!
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