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  1. Character reference: https://gyazo.com/be07572e0c3490f71d5148ab17a1af67 Preferred pose: crossed arms Sketch or Flat Colored: sketch Anything else: a dusclops with crossed arms next to me
  2. ill take a stack of leppas ign: Mehagony
  3. Imagine having a lot of ready comps for a tournament that almost no one else plays. Cant be me
  4. Congratulations to Dindra for 4th place Mxdhin for 3rd place Incognition for 2nd place and Mehagony for 1st place Thank you all for participating, hope to see you next hnr. https://challonge.com/HREdition3
  5. yes, all the banned moves are listed
  6. Date and Time: Saturday, March 20th (6pm UTC) Location: Gear Station (Ch4) Rules:After using a move you HAVE to switch your pokemon (switching instead of using a move is allowed).exceptions: a mon that is flinched, paralyzed, frozen, asleep or hits itself due to confusion is allowed to stay in. Banned moves: Recovery moves: Recover, Softboiled, Heal order, Milk drink, Moonlight, Morning sun, Slack off, Roost, Rest, Wish and Synthesis.* Recharge moves: Giga impact, Hyper beam, Frenzy plant, Hydro canon, Blast burn, Rock wrecker and Roar of time.* Charge moves: Boun
  7. Damn I really miss these. This is straight up a gut punch of deja vu. C'mon people lets bring it back!
  8. Anyone know what this is? https://gyazo.com/f07c4f6249b407cf4d5f4420bcc70388 found it during event
  9. thats freaking hype, *mystery dungeons intensifies* thank you!
  10. Anyone know and wanna share with me how it was last time?
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