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  1. Update to Liepard Hordes in Dreamyard: - Blackglasses I think I'll wait a few more hundred battles before posting more, I haven't been on PokeMMO as consistently these days.
  2. Hey Mayor! I've been trying to shunt Deino these past week since my team's shunt last week was Deino and I didn't have anything better to do. These are the drops I've gotten as I farmed Durant and Deino hordes with my Pickup Meowth. Two things to note, Rare Candy and Nugget both drop with a really low percentage rate. Sadly, I wasn't able to take screenshots of the Battle log for them. I also have not seen any TwistedSpoon drop for me, maybe it only drops in single encounters. I've modified your list accordingly: Potions: Super Potion Repels: Repel
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