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  1. Buenas tardes estoy interasado para que me pueda ayudar a cambiarle la musica a Sinnoh por los temas Remakes no oficiales
  2. I am willing to help with the Sinnoh ID'S these are some I found with the /bgm command Region ID Sinnoh: 3 1004 Twinleaf Town 1005 Sandgem Town 1070 Lake Verity 1100 Look! Shorts Boy 1115 Battle! Trainer 1116 Battle! Wild Pokémon 1121 Route 201, 202, 219 I was trying to create a mod du muscia for Sinnoh if you could help me it would be great because even the logo I have but I can't edit the audio.ogg I will keep updating my comment as I go through the adventure here scan the Remake-style Music mod project logo for Sinnoh.
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