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  1. Thank you very much ! To be as relevant as possible, I will ony select swarm you saw yourself in 2020. We are collecting more and more data ! Keep going on reporting every swarm you see :) I also uptaded last spoiler in the Guide to be easier to understand !
  2. I know. But we need some date about time to learn how swarms work. I don"t think Snorlax is considered as a swarm. It's more a script event, I guess... If you want to report swarms but don't know their spawning time, please feel free to report them here ! :)
  3. Thanks everybody for replying, correcting and debatting ! :) Mmmh... It's right. I didn't think about that.. For now we are French people reporting swarms so we report French time (UTC+2). I don't know how I can make it easier for everyone. Maybe we can think about ingame time ? EDIT. After some thoughts... your time zone doesn't really matter me, as Google gives me the time when the report is submitted. What really matters is the duraiton of the swarm reported ! Thanks a lot ! I report swarms for 2-3 weeks and sometimes it contains only 2 or 3 Pokemons, like @zapdosfangaming ! It's quite 5% of sarms I saw. Since I wrote this guide, I noticed there are indeed a lot of given combinations (Magnezone in Power Plant, Lapras in sea, Dusknoir in Memorial Pillar...) ! I will change this in my guide. Feel free to share your combinations Pokemon encountered/place, I will add them :) So, does this close the debate ?
  4. What is a swarm ? In PokeMMO, a swarm is a wild group of Pokemon. It appears at a given place at a given time for a limited time. A swarm is composed of 4 Pokemons that appear in overworld as sprites. Sometimes, Pokemons appear outside their usual location Official presentation of swarms by PokeMMO. This is the official presentation from PokeMMO. We can see : - Top Left : Absol swarm at Lost Cave (Kanto) - Top Right : Vileplume swarm at Route 230 (Sinnoh) - Bottom Left : Wailmer swarm in the sea (unknown place) - Bottom Right : Scyther swarm at Route 14 (Kanto) Why is a swarm useful ? A swarm is an easy way to catch a Pokemon outside its usual location. Somtimes swarm are composed of Pokemon you can't find in the wild. Pokemon from swarms often have good IV stats. Where do swarm appear ? As far as we know, a swarm can appear in many places : grass, cave, routes (even without grass), sea, lakes, Power Plant, Pokemon Mansion We haven't seen any swarm in cities for now. What Pokemon ? We haven't seen enough swarms to have an accurate list of what Pokemon can appear in swarm. But we think there is no limit as the Pokemon is available in the game. We noticed some kinf of combinations. The pokemon that appear and its locations seem to be linked Notable appearances : Magnezone (at Power Plant), Dusknoir (at Memorail Pillar), Lapras (in the sea), Chansey... When does a swarm appears ? As far as we know, a swarm can appear at any time of the day or the night. How long does it appear ? We don't know precisely. Between 15 and 40 minutes (IRL Time) How to know ? There are two ways to be aware of a swarm and its location 1/ Come across the swarm in the wild "by chance" 2/ Watch TVs in PNJ House (credits to @Minks) A TV of a region can tell if there is a swarm and this region. If a there is a swarm in the region. An announcement will replace the advertisements and tell you the place and the Pokemon of the swarm. (sorry, I only have it in French. It says : "BREAKING NEWS! We heard from Yan that wild Lapras have been spotted at Route 125!) /!\ TV doesn't work in Unova. There is no way to track swarms there... /!\ Some Questions... Do swarms appear for everyone ? Yes. Are IVs the same for everyone ? No. How many swarms a day ? We don't know for now Have swarms better shiny rate ? No. This has been answered by official PokeMMO Facebook page. What do we still don't know... Many things !!! We would like to : - write a full list of Pokemon from swarms - write a full list of places where swarms appear - be able to know if a moment in a day is best to see a swarm appears How to answer these questions ? We need data... to conduct some studies. If you spot a swarm and want to share this precious data with us, you can report it by following this link and answer this quick Google form : https://forms.gle/d5ZiF9wzxer5LtpUA We don't ask you for personal data and we will never ask for it. If you want, you can share you nickname so we can credit your report. Known combinations so far Your help is welcome ! Please pardon my english. Do not hesitate to correct if needed. If you have questions. Feel free to ask. This will complete the guide. A lucky swarm ! Thanks to @Dip for typo corrections
  5. Hello, We are two players that recently discovered Swarms in the game. We love this thing so much. (I caught a 3x31IV Baltoy from a swarm !) But Swarms are not well known. There are so much things we still don't know about them. That's why we decided to collect data and to report every swarms we see in order to : - be able to write a complete list of all Pokemon able to appear in swarm - be able to write a complete list of places where we can find a swarm - learn a lot of things we still don't know to share with you. So we created a Google form where you can report easily the swarms you see. Thanks to that, we can collect your data and begin our analysis https://forms.gle/XA4G5Lxh1SjdgdLr7 We don't ask any personal data and we will not. We began to write a first guide in French (sorry, english coming..) to explain what is a swarm and to answer to a few question. If you have any, do not hesitate. I hope this topic will be a place to discuss about Swarms :) Thank you all for your help
  6. ** Qu'est ce qu'un Essaim (Swarm) ** Dans PokeMMO, un essaim est un regroupement d'un type de Pokémon sauvages à un endroit donné pendant une durée limitée. En général, le Pokémon concerné apparaît en dehors de sa localisation habituelle et en groupe de 2 à 4. ** Quel est l'intérêt d'un essaim ? ** Un essaim est une voie facile pour capturer des Pokémons inhabituels, voire rares. Il a été remarqué qu'en général, au moins un des pokémons issus d'un essaim possède(nt) des IVs supérieurs à la moyenne. Pour mon cas personnel, grâce à un essaim, j'ai pu capturer un Balbuto (que je n'avais encore jamais vu) avec 3 IVs à 31. ** Quel Pokémon peut apparaître en essaim ? ** Vraisemblablement tous les Pokémon sauvages disponible dans le jeu. Cette question est encore à l'étude. ** A quel endroit les essaims apparaissent-ils ? ** Les essaims peuvent apparaître dans n'importe lequel des 4 mondes de PokeMMO (Kanto, Hoenn, Sinoh. Unys non prouvé encore) ** Quand les essaims apparaissent-ils ? ** Vraisemblablement, un essaim peut apparaître à n'importe quel moment de la journée. Cette question est à l'étude ** Combien de temps un essaim reste-t-il ? ** Cette question est encore à l'étude. Nos premières études tendent vers une trentaine de minutes. ** Comment savoir où et quand apparaissent les essaims ? ** A ce jour il existe deux méthodes pour être notifié d'un essaim : 1/ En croiser un par hasard 2/ Regarder les télévisions dans les maisons des PNJs (credit to @Minks) /!\ Attention, les télévisions ne fonctionnent pas à Unys, il est donc impossible d'être notifié des essaims de cette manière à Unys /!\ A noter : Ls télévisions ne notifient que les Essaims qui sont en cours. Si un essaim est en cours, la notification sera le premier message affiché, à la place de la publicité. Si le premier message affiché par une télévision est une publicité, vous pouvez en conclure qu'il n'y a d'essaim en ce moment dans le monde où vous vous trouvez. Si vous souhaitez connaitre l'état des Essaims sur les 3 mondes où les TV fonctionnent (Kanto, Hoenn, Sinnoh), il faudra donc consulter les TVs dans chacun des mondes. ** Liste non exhaustive d'essaims apparus récemment ** Elekable à la Centrale (Kanto) Teddiursa à Route 211 (Sinnoh) Grodoudou à Caverne Azurée (Kanto) Joliflor à Route 121 (Hoenn) Skitty à Route 222 (Sinnoh) Mustébouée à Route 4 (Kanto) Altaria à Eternara (Hoenn) Sablaireau à Route 228 (Sinnoh) Babimanta à Tour Dresseurs (Kanto) Embrylex à Route 206 (Sinnoh) Leveinard à Route 13 (Kanto) Loklhlass à Chenal 125 (Hoenn) (liste à compléter avec votre aide) ** Comment tout savoir sur les Essaims ? ** Pour répondre à toutes les questions manquantes (durée d'un essaim, lieux où ils apparaissent, quel pokémon peut apparaître sous forme d'essaim, etc...), nous n'avons besoin que d'une seule chose : des données, beaucoup de données ! Pour cela, nous avons mis en place un questionnaire très simple à remplir pour collecter les données dont nous avons besoin pour répondre à ces questions : - Date et heure du report - Pokémon signalé et leur nombre - Lieu de l'essaim - Heure de fin (si connue) Lien vers le formulaire (Aucune donnée personnelle ne vous sera demandée. Vous pouvez nous communiquer votre pseudo si vous souhaitez que l'on vous crédite un signalement. Nous n'en ferons jamais rien de plus) Merci de votre aide !
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