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  1. Thank you very much ! To be as relevant as possible, I will ony select swarm you saw yourself in 2020. We are collecting more and more data ! Keep going on reporting every swarm you see :) I also uptaded last spoiler in the Guide to be easier to understand !
  2. I know. But we need some date about time to learn how swarms work. I don"t think Snorlax is considered as a swarm. It's more a script event, I guess... If you want to report swarms but don't know their spawning time, please feel free to report them here ! :)
  3. Thanks everybody for replying, correcting and debatting ! :) Mmmh... It's right. I didn't think about that.. For now we are French people reporting swarms so we report French time (UTC+2). I don't know how I can make it easier for everyone. Maybe we can think about ingame time ? EDIT. After some thoughts... your time zone doesn't really matter me, as Google gives me the time when the report is submitted. What really matters is the duraiton of the swarm reported ! Thanks a lot ! I report swarms for 2-3 weeks and sometimes it contains only 2 or 3
  4. What is a swarm ? In PokeMMO, a swarm is a wild group of Pokemon. It appears at a given place at a given time for a limited time. A swarm is composed of 4 Pokemons that appear in overworld as sprites. Sometimes, Pokemons appear outside their usual location Official presentation of swarms by PokeMMO. This is the official presentation from PokeMMO. We can see : - Top Left : Absol swarm at Lost Cave (Kanto) - Top Right : Vileplume swarm at Route 230 (Sinnoh) - Bottom Left : Wailmer swarm in the sea (unknown place) - Bottom Right : Scyther swarm at Route 14
  5. Hello, We are two players that recently discovered Swarms in the game. We love this thing so much. (I caught a 3x31IV Baltoy from a swarm !) But Swarms are not well known. There are so much things we still don't know about them. That's why we decided to collect data and to report every swarms we see in order to : - be able to write a complete list of all Pokemon able to appear in swarm - be able to write a complete list of places where we can find a swarm - learn a lot of things we still don't know to share with you. So we created a Googl
  6. ** Qu'est ce qu'un Essaim (Swarm) ** Dans PokeMMO, un essaim est un regroupement d'un type de Pokémon sauvages à un endroit donné pendant une durée limitée. En général, le Pokémon concerné apparaît en dehors de sa localisation habituelle et en groupe de 2 à 4. ** Quel est l'intérêt d'un essaim ? ** Un essaim est une voie facile pour capturer des Pokémons inhabituels, voire rares. Il a été remarqué qu'en général, au moins un des pokémons issus d'un essaim possède(nt) des IVs supérieurs à la moyenne. Pour mon cas personne
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