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  1. My ingame name is: Keseko My favourite pokemon is: eevee On Pokemmo I am currently busy doing: I am currently trying to gain some money and level up teams for future updates such as dungeons and BF My playtime ingame is: 500+ I would like to join Team Läva because: I am interested in the player base there I want to meet new people who share similar interests and try to get help from time to time. This is why Team Läva has to invite me as member: I like being in an active team and help whoever is in need such as new players or people looking for a fact or some advice I am active in chatting and playing, and im willing to learn about competitive play from here.
  2. Goodluck with this definitely gonna try this out!
  3. There is really no need for a cooldown since first of all let's say you started rematches on day 1 at 4 PM and finished at 5PM then rematch cooldown is 18 hours so the cooldown is gonna end before the 2nd day 4PM by 6 hours which is a lot so if you put a schedule that you rematch gyms at that specific hour you dont need any command at all
  4. Hacked roms can change the whole game sometimes thats why they disabled it afaik
  5. There is no need for this since when someone catches a wild legendary a global announcement appears to whoever was on that region even if you missed the announcement someone Is gonna beat the owner and another announcement is gonna appear AND even if no one battled the owner for just 5 minutes another announcement is gonna say that the wild legendary got bored of its current owner and returned to the wild there is literally no way you can miss those 3
  6. Hello there sorry if i annoyed you or something but i have a question is there a specific spot in the location you can find the legendary on? like mewtwo i heard can be found in the bottom floor but what about keldeo? in moor of iciruss there is 2 random encounter types there is water that you can surf on and water you can walk on do they both work for keldeo or is it just one of them?
  7. All the legendary pokemons can be seen but can't be caught the only legendary pokemons you can catch and register them as **caught OT** are zekrom/resharim-keldeo-mewtwo-rayquaza and arcues
  8. Hello everyone, so basically my request may be absurd or something i want a pokemon team especially for PVE that can beat all e4 across regions and can carry against some hard trainer battles now i have completed all regions and unlocked all areas but the thing is am not really that strategic of a person and i really am not capable of finding the perfect team to counter anything, it doesn't need to be perfect just good enough to carry me across all regions since i don't care about pvp there is a chance all of this is not possible but i want to see the available options, Thanks for reading.
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