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  1. Suit/tie in colors other than black. I understand the tux being available only in black (though white would also be nice, just invert the colors), but a slightly different suit/tie should be available in any color.
  2. When I finally catch my shiny Electrode (I'm 14,900 encounters into the hunt right now) I am considering a nickname. 'Godtrode' seems a little too on the nose and 'Osama Bin Laden' seems a tad racist/political. Not sure I need a nickname at all but I am considering one.
  3. Single pokemon tournament. Not just 1 vs. 1. I'm talking 6 vs. 6 but the rule being that all 6 have to be the exact same pokemon. On a semi-related note, I don't understand the rule you have on there about not using the same pokemon more than once. If someone wants to use 3 Charizards I don't see why they should be stopped. A single water type would destroy all 3.
  4. I see. I guess I didn't read the original post very carefully. I like the idea but I think 10% might be too high. 5% should be a max. I mean catching a chansey is already 4%, if your 1st pokemon is chancey in the safari zone that would increase you to a 9% chance. Pretty frequent actually.
  5. Doesn't Sweet Scent already do this?
  6. The math on this is remarkably bad. Currently you have a .0001220703125% chance of finding one. A 10% increase to that is a .00013427734375% chance. That comes to a 1 in 7,447 chance. That's 10% better but still very difficult. The math can be double checked as 7,447 x 1.1 = 8,191.7
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