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  1. Team Name : DarkEnergy Team Tag : [DârK] Registered Players : Aristofou, Jupilon, Obiiitoo, Frozyo, ErenShingeki, Aoxyde, Sisino, Phylla, JayroZeppeli, CyberMod, Plaiisiir Team Captain : Aristofou
  2. Heyo, currently looking for a team that would allow to run Calm Mind Chandelure, I feel like it's kinda hard to make something around this sadly. I'd like something kinda aggressive, not HO, more like a balanced team but with an offensive nature. Used to run Chandelure with Dug to check Tyranitar, but I don't really know what to use to fill the empty rooms, even more since Gchomp got banned and Rspin got buffed, so some things are coming back stronger etc.. Thx, much love
  3. IGN: Aristofou Reason: Having fun / win and obviously getting more experience Preferred Tiers: OU, LC Competitive accolades : Well I won 2 LC CC, not that much but I guess it's something already (?) Discord contact (optional): Nono#3584 Other random stuff: Dogs > Cats
  4. I sadly think this thread is as dead as our hope to get LC matchmaking
  5. Hippowdon works pretty well with Rocky Helmet aswell
  6. Cofa is really a good check to Conkeldurr. If he hits you, except Stone Edge, he'll lose his ability, you have Hex to hit x2 damages on his burn statut. Cofa can also set Toxic Spikes if you want, and you can run Haze to counter Bulk Up
  7. Yeah, according to this point, this is what leads me to ask where is LC matchmaking haha
  8. The thing is, imo, it's hard for a new player to get into LC with only 2 tours a week, unless you know someone who play LC, it's kinda hard to step up, build your teams etc.. I think LC Matchmaking would be a great add about that, and could also maybe give a new source of training for actual LC players who might need/want it
  9. Thanks for your support, will be needed if we want to get this matchmaking ! Also, I, personnaly, think that Dubs is as popular as LC, there is no point in shading Dubs to get LC matchmaking since we know it's possible to get them all at the same time. My point was only to ask why we're getting Dubs and no LC yet. I don't know how it's supposed to work but I don't really get why we got a huge update adding NU UU and Dubs matchmaking, ignoring the fact LC exist. I'm not playing Dubs because I don't understand the tier at all, and I'm not interested to focus into it but I still support the fact players are able to have a real and stable matchmaking about that.
  10. How is it dying when you get more and more players on tournaments ? Also that is the point, adding a way to play more than 2 times a week would give it more popularity
  11. Hey ? Any clue ? I don't really get why Dubs matchmaking for added, ignoring the fact LC doest exist :(
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