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  1. Everyone play for what he wants to, I'm playing for fun but some play for fame and rewards, @PoseidonWrath plays so he can finally try to impress me
  2. Sorry but, asking staff when we're getting LC Matchmaking is not a proof of us being worried about that ????? We legit asked 5 times, no answers. We decide to do things with community because you guys can't do anything toward us, I'm would not even be surprised if you were right now getting hit by a "Oh, they asked lol"
  3. fair, I'm gonna rush blindly for a 2x31 4x29 ferroseed as hard as I would for a shiny Larvesta. Don't get me wrong but LC is not the only tier getting filled most of the time, the only difference between LC and other tiers is the amount of tours that are made out of CC. Easy to say that LC is dying and no one is playing when the only thing we're allowed to win is a Community Combat which is not worth our time ?
  4. The thing is we're forced to meme since this situation is pathetically hilarious. You know nothing about have been done by community to give a boost to LC, while staff was moaning about how inactive the tier is. If you guys are acting like a joke, don't expect us to answer seriously to it, you are obviously and voluntarly made blind because you're not even interested about what is happening. Your reaction is the first tip that shows us how hard you give no fuck to this part of the game
  5. Had to do a meme about that because u're such a joke
  6. I need to understand what is happening in your low iq mind to be fair. You guys never tried to take out LC from what it is, we, as player, had to create our own matchmaking. You still ignore our threads about matchmaking, denying the fact we WANT it to be active, we're doing our best to make it active. Staff spawn from nowhere, avoiding any thread that could talk about LC and then is like "Lol let's delete LC, it's ded" I believe you got nothing at christmas to do such stupid thing to us. You can't even evaluate how hard you're killing your own game right now, instead of listening to players who are trying to make it even better. You just failed on your task and now you don't even assume your mistakes, trying to delete any proof of the existence of Little Cup Tier. Next step is ? Removing shinies because u can't get one ? That's a big yikes for me, you legit kill my hype on this game, while u never make it grow. Overall you're right, better up Pumpking because it's too easy, better nerf ways to make money, better let players breed for a big amount of money on a tier, and then delete it from nowhere without even asking us, you're in the good way, keep going. For 3 years straight we're having same seasonnal events, we got a huge PvP update which was, ngl, really good. But deleting LC ? I think you've never did such a big mistake but going this way.
  7. Maybe going for the Legendary BlueBreath ping on MMO is gonna be usefull : @Bearminator @Rache @Kyu @Desu @Squirtle Any clue / answer that could help us about this ? It's been a while now :D
  8. I don't really play UU NU or even Dubs but I heard a lot of players complaining about how long it is to find a match, this seems to be a real issue right now. Sadly can't get more into it since I'm playing mostly OU and LC and it's either the most played tier and legit the only tier who did not get matchmaking yet. Unsure nerf rewards would make people play the tier more, unless you chose to only nerf OU rewards but even there, atleast for me, it would not be a good reason to move to another tier. I think it's all about the opportunity of playing the tier, which is kinda missing right now, but maybe upgrading low play rate tiers rewards would be a better idea, rewards in OU are good as they are right now imo, despite the fact the same pokemons are always coming back as rewards but not the point. As I know, some people are not playing the tier either bcs of the seasonnal vanity (which I believe is half of a reason) so maybe it would be nice to work on another kind of seasonnal reward that would attract more people into it ?
  9. Despite all the efforts made by @Poufilou, LC Matchmaking would be really huge for any reason that has been called on this thread. There are like 2 (sometimes 3) LC tournaments in a week, and unless you know people who play LC, it's really hard to get into it without being breaked by litteraly every single player who knows the tier already. It would solve the issue of this tier being so hard to start, and aswell would solve the issue of popularity. I see no good reason to avoid this matchmaking, but maybe there are, can you atleast give an answer to our expectations ? We've been waiting a lot now.
  10. Yeah that would be a big ad to the game ! (What about official LC Matchmaking ?) @Spxter MVP
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