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  1. @EricRadp You mean you atr doing the sprites for gen 5-7? (I'm not sure if you mean that?)
  2. Ok. I wonder if they will add them its been long.
  3. Well i am not sure about gen 8. So gen 6 and 7 will do.
  4. Is there going to be gen 6-8 hd sprites? i know the game can go up to gen 5, but i want to see if you can do the gen 6-8 sprites on .zip file.
  5. Can anyone do the Pokemon Front, back, and the attack sprites for gen 1 to 5 on a .zip format?
  6. Can you plz do the zip files for the front and back sprites?
  7. can you do the zip file for pokemon back sprites for gen 1 to 5 plz?
  8. oh and btw thats cool. im even played it on my computer. it was good
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