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  1. Lol just lost 10k by returning the cash to people who sent it as it got sold out
  2. @xJoseee you can draw the winner now, thanks man! And best of luck once more to yall!
  3. Oof sorry man you were a tad bit too late : /
  4. Hey guys, felt real bad about overpricing my first raffle so thought I'd do a cheap raffle to make it up to yall. Hope you guys enjoy and best of luck : ) @xJoseee is holding this good doggo. Huge thanks to the mans :D Ticket price: 5k per ticket Maximum 10 tickets per player Mail the ticket money to Mxdhin thank you! Jolly Nature Tickets left: 0/100
  5. This is very nicee. I think a way to make the guide even better would be to put in some pictures of where the pirate is : )
  6. Previous mmo character of Pora that I really liked. (Ice spirit robe, white pigtails and odango, sleigh bell ribbons) Far from being finished but I don't have time sadly. Edit: Made in Abyss art style btw. Hope you all like it :D
  7. Congrats to... Shankii for winning second place with a total of 150 points! And Pinkwings for winning first place with a total of 155 points!!
  8. Catching Event Date: Wednesday, December 2nd Time: 8pm UTC Location: Route 3, Kanto, Ch3 Duration: 1 hour for catching and 10 minutes to submit entry Pokemon accepted: Nidoran♂ Nidoran♀ Nature Bonus: +3 for Jolly, +3 Calm. 1st Prize: 300k 2nd Prize: 100k Host: Mxdhin To take part in the event and receive prizes, you must be part of the team. To win this event you need to submit an entry that has the highest score to win. There is no prize for the lowest IV. You m
  9. Mxd


    <33. Metagross looking lit as always
  10. Mxd


    I am actually Hei xD. My IGN is Mxdhin.
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