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  1. Good prices and fast. 11/10 ez
  2. Congrats to... DeathScytheII for winning second place with a total of 130 points And Shankii for winning first place with a total of 143 points!
  3. Congratulations to all the winners: Champion - @ThinkNicer Runner-up - @HALOTT 3rd Place - @Lagonero 4th Place - @Imperial And thanks for all those who participated as well.
  4. Assuming they want OT without a *, I think your method is ideal, Sethsen. Zorua is one of the more hard to find mons, and getting a box of their own OT would be very timetaking and a pain. Unless they have already gotten a lot by now.
  5. The ideal way is to hatch zorua eggs as you may get another shiny during those horde encounters. Unfortunately, it's expensive unless you get lucky and get the shiny in your first few ditto boxes or so. Although it is quite the grind, try to get/catch at least 1 box of Zoruas (or Zorui or whatever the plural form of it is), whether it is OT or not depends on you. After that, just get ditto boxes (you can catch them or buy them) and keep shiny hunting via egg hatching method. I recommend you to have a good amount of cash on you before you start and have to keep earning to keep up with the constant purchases of dittos/repeat balls and pokeballs (For Zorua eggs). Having donator status would help as there's reduced egg hatcing time along with increased shiny chance. To decrease expenses, you could get a supply of cheap male field mons to breed with the female Zoruas when you get some. If you're using a shiny charm, you should get a little over 2 boxes for shiny hunting (assuming you are only going for Zorua). As when I have tested it out I was able to make 2 boxes and 20 eggs at the most within one charm. And yes, you want to make eggs and not hatch them during the charm as you only have limited time and whether it is a shiny or not is determined when you get the egg from breeder, not when it hatches. Here's a guide about shiny hunting. Hope it helps you more: Video link for best ditto catching method: Money making guide: Best of luck and hope you get that shiny Zorua as soon as possible. : D
  6. Catching Event Date: Sunday, October 18th Time: 5pm UTC Location: Desert Underpass, Hoenn Ch3 Duration: 1 hour for catching and 10 minutes to submit entry Pokemon accepted: Ditto Nature Bonus: +5 for Adamant, +3 Jolly. 1st Prize: 300k 2nd Prize: 100k Host: Mxdhin To take part in the event and receive prizes, you must be part of the team. To win this event you need to submit an entry that has the highest score to win. There is no prize for the lowest IV. You may only submit 1 entry. All Pokemon must have been caught within the event time. You will have one hour to catch your entry. Pokemon must be the player's OT. You must link your entry to any participating staff member via whisper to submit your entry. In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined through the earliest catch time.
  7. To rephrase that, its basically saying it was like that for me, it should the same for you as well. That's what I meant. :p
  8. If the player forfeits on Turn 5 or earlier, you don't get any BP, only ELO.
  9. Lol now you need not to worry : )
  10. No, it cannot be stolen from you. After the battle, I believe your Pokemon will get it back if it was stolen from a wild encounter.
  11. Hit and Run 2 Date and Time: Saturday, October 17th (7pm UTC) Location: Celadon Hotel (Ch3) Rules:After using a move you HAVE to switch your pokemon (switching instead of using a move is allowed).exceptions: a mon that is flinched, paralyzed, frozen, asleep or hits itself due to confusion is allowed to stay in. Banned moves: Recovery moves: Recover, Softboiled, Heal order, Milk drink, Moonlight, Morning sun, Slack off, Roost, Rest, Wish and Synthesis.* Recharge moves: Giga impact, Hyper beam, Frenzy plant, Hydro canon, Blast burn, Rock wrecker and Roar of time.* Charge moves: Bounce, Fly, Dig, Dive, Solar beam, Sky attack, Sky drop, Skull bash, Razor wind, Focus punch and Shadow force.* Traping moves: Block, Mean look, Bind, Clamp, Fire spin, Sand tomb, WhIrlpool and Magma storm,* Other moves: Teleport, U-Turn, Volt switch, Pursuit, Stealth rocks, Protect, Detect, Toxic spikes and Spikes.* * You are allowed to have the moves on your pokemon just not allowed to use them in battle. Banned pokemon: Digglet line, Magnemite line, nosepass line, Mienfoo line, Wynaut line, Slaking, Slakoth, Trapinch, Garchomp and Darmanitan. Banned items: Choice specs and Choice band. Prizes: 1st Place: Naive 6x31 Shelgon (252 Speed EVs) + 1m 2nd Place: 500k 3rd Place: 100k 4th Place: TM Torment Host: Mxdhin Participating Staff: HALOTT
  12. Great prices and very fast. 11/10.
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