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  1. I vouch for this guy. Amazing,fast and affordable service. 11/10
  2. Fast, affordable and friendly. 11/10 recommended.
  3. Welcome back. Hope you enjoy it here. : )
  4. The Devs have recently released a new update, and they are doing their best. But please, could you explain why legendaries are a "monumentally important aspect" of the game? Why they are more important for the game rather than other features (considering that they will be banned from PvP, so, basically useless)? Sure you can flex them in the early days but that's about it. Adding Legendaries like that really doesn't give an incentive to complete the dex. Moreover, you can buy Shiny Charms in this game or get them at events. Additionally, the game has gone for a long time without this "monumentally important aspect" and it's doing just fine.
  5. The higher the ELO the higher your badge/rank.
  6. (Order: left to right) Trainer, Ace trainer, I'm not sure bout the small one(I think Veteran) , then Elite trainer and Master trainer It's based on ELO.
  7. Mxd


    Welcome o/. Hope you enjoy it here. : )
  8. Even though this is not the question asked, your english is pretty good lad lol
  9. Best Sig Shop on this forum <3. I definitely recommend everyone to get one from this amazing artist.
  10. No problem, but like I said, it wouldn't be a Limited-Time Cosmetic if it was released again. Yes I understand where you are coming from but new Limited-Time Cosmetics are being released every now and then so even if you can't afford the ones released in the past, you can still get more and more over the coming years (If a player started this game late, there's nothing we can do about that. They were just unlucky that they weren't at the right place at the right time). Moreover, I'm sure that it wouldn't become priceless even though there's no way of it returning as of now but yes, you have to work very hard to earn money to get some of them. Also if it was released, the economy will not be stable afterwards or so I feel. Have a great day. : )
  11. The whole idea behind Limited time cosmetics is that they shouldn't be brought back in those kind of ways and should be available for a limited time period ofc. By bringing back the expensive cosmetics via gift boxes and other forms would cripple its value. This is unfair for the players that have worked hard to get it at its current value and what not. Moreover, it also affects the sellers, as they won't get as much money for it as well. Hence, I do not think its a good idea. Just my opinion. Have a nice day.
  12. Vouch for this guy. Amazing service, prices and a chill lad. 11/10.
  14. Tag Team Name: MMT Tag Team Players: Meekmillz, Toxicz, Mxdhin
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