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  1. Order Pokemon: Scyther Iv's: 2x31 (Atk, Speed) Nature: Adamant Egg Moves: No Gender: Whatever Pokeball: Whatever
  2. Trained my pokemon to level 50 with full evs. 10/10 fast service, would use again.
  3. Thanks brah, just what I wanted. Excellent breed service as usual
  4. Order Pokemon: Magikarp Iv's: 2x31 (Atk, Speed) Nature: Jolly Egg Moves: No Gender: Whatever Pokeball: Whatever
  5. Very fast service, would use again 10/10
  6. In the majority of MMOs, 90% of the end game involves some sort of grinding. If everyone made money really fast, then they would have all the comps/shinies or whatever they need and would eventually get bored of playing. If they don't want to do the grind, then they should play something else.
  7. Everyone's gotta start somewhere. The more they play, the more gyms they'll be able to beat therefore making more profit. You can level a poke to level 100 in 1-2 hours if you wanted to
  8. To be fair, the majority of new people will just complete the 3 main story lines and then usually quit, so this won't affect them. The ones who go on to Shiny Collecting, PVP etc. will be prepared for the grind so won't know any different
  9. Don't do the crime if you can't do the time
  10. You're going to love season 3, my favourite season by far. So many twists and turns
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