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  1. I only see GTL flipping and Gym runs as consistent money makers now since the Baton Pass nerf. Now that we have 4 regions though, I see gym runs as a lot more lucrative since you can do at least 2 regions with one amulet coin which should make a profit of about 250-300k in total across all 4 regions, if you do some of the high profit trainers as well you could get up to 400-500k a day if you have about 3 hours to spare.
  2. Team Name: Bushido Team Tag: BSDO Registered Players: Spxter, Sethsen, Rynners, BartekDolar, SaphireStoneSSS, NinjaBlender, Kravism, ItsGray, NickRains, OxOReFaked, Tyci, Chapfish, BluePocket, Inovan Team Captain: Spxter
  3. Merry Christmas ya filthy animals
  4. Mariah is that you?

  5. Team Name: Joe Mama Team Tag: JM Registered Players: Rynners, Spxter, MadelnHeaven, Sethsen, kloneman Team Captain: kloneman
  6. Team Name: Bushido Team Tag: BSDO Registered Players: kloneman, Spxter, MadelnHeaven, Rynners, Sethsen, Jaafri, Amysthie, Ameiro, magikkk, ShootingStarmiee, BartekDolar, JackLaKnife, ashasash, IzabelinhA, Vincenteh, Domtri Team Captain: kloneman
  7. IGN: kloneman Team: [BSDO] Bushido Rank: Boss Motivation: To win this thing Competitive Accolades: Not really won much tournament wise, but I've got to the semis a couple of times in the past and won a couple of matches back in PSL 6. Other stuff: I've been playing this game now for over 7 years and I've seen the competitive scene evolve from the 3v3 format back in 2012, to the meta it is today. I may not be able to win tournaments by myself, but I know people and I know their strengths and weakness', and I'm certain that will lead my team to victory.
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