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  1. Very true. Probably Stain. I don't think we've seen enough of him yet and I hope he makes a return in the future arcs (Friend or Foe)
  2. Damn, i'm waiting for those 3 animes as well haha, they're all on my planned list on myanimelist
  3. ;) 

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    2. kloneman


      Damn, that sounds good! Do you know the language well? Well, passed my IT apprenticeship like a year ago so just trying to work hard, get money and maybe start traveling.

    3. Emlee


      I mean I get by in French, but I haven't been here long so I've got work to do. It'll come eventually. 

      Ahhh, what is on your travel bucket list? 

    4. kloneman


      Haha you better do, I know the French can be very stubborn when talking to English speakers.

      Well this year I've got Amsterdam and Paris and then maybe Japan next year.

  4. Keep scrolling. Just a ghost passing through.

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    2. kloneman


      your mum gets worse and worse in bed, tell her to step up her game

    3. Suneet


      i did she said you were bad too haha XD LOL

    4. kloneman


      Wow u so funneh XDDDDD

  5. Couldn't see a thread for this so thought I'd post it, i'm guessing that's because it's not a "real" Pokemon game and is a slap in the face for some of the hardcore fans. Well I'm one of the suckers who bought it and I've got to say I'm enjoying it so far even if it does hold your hand a bit and there is almost 0 competitive play in it. Good game to chill with after a long day at work. Wouldn't mind seeing some of the features in the "core" game they're going to release next year such as pokemon appearing on the overworld. Anyway, post your thoughts on the game; good, bad or otherwise.
  6. DAE remember the great reddit vs 4chan war of September 2012? xDDDDDD
  7. I've been playing this game on and off for 6 years now While you're here, what's your fondest memory of this game?
  8. has anyone invented a time machine so I can go back to 2012

    1. Orangeslash


      still waiting :(

  9. Anyone been watching My Hero Academia recently? That recent fight between All Might and All for One was dope af
  10. you still here?

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    2. Kimikozen


      Post uni internship 

    3. kloneman


      Noice hows it going?

    4. Kimikozen


      Pretty solid, super slammed but it’s good experience and decent money

  11. hey big boy

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    2. fredrichnietze


      does overwatch do cross platform with pc?

    3. kloneman


      CSGO should be fine and I might get pubg as well

    4. fredrichnietze



      also i voice now

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