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  1. choice of two moves? hows that gonna work with ditto lmao
  2. ...Team Rocket appeared out of nowhere, trying to capture the magikarp! The magikarp, gripped by a rough, iron net, writhed in pain as it began to suffocate. However, the magikarp...
  3. Welcome FlamingEmber!
  4. truelight13


    Hi Heidie! I'm pretty new as well, and this place is amazing! I hope your journey goes great
  5. truelight13


    Hi! if you need anything, theres plenty of people on global chat who will help you, but let me know if you ever need anything :)
  6. Welcome :). I'm pretty new as well, but if you need anything lemme know
  7. Welcome to PokeMMO! I'm pretty new as well. If you see me online, I'll PVP with you :)
  8. Hi, my IGN is Truelight and I'm 16! I'm sure many of you have seen me spamming global chat, but I'm new to PokeMMO. I've been trying to catch a shiny Magikarp and hopefully one day I will have one. I've already met a few amazing people, and I hope I get to meet more of you!!
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