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  1. I hatch my pokes at Trainer's Hill and my secret base
  2. Yes that's exactly what I wanna know. Ik that it's there but it's not out there in the open very less people know where it is. (Even idk where it is) Thank you :) Yes I hope the whole community supports this cause. Thank you everyone :)
  3. Get a life n waste all ur money on making pokemon 6x0 cuz 6x31 sucks.
  4. Hi everyone, I have searched a lot through the whole of forums and have not found a single thing associated with hatch locations. Is there some guide or something which I can refer to? Thanks in advance
  5. Will we be able to battle pumpking after Nov 5 ?
  6. It's an amazing idea @Oldenman when is this?
  7. Nope I do ranked battles although I'm not much of a PvP player I use BP for breeding. But Ithought that you could not forfeit until 5 rounds were over. Exactly but how can you forfeit before 5 rounds is that allowed?
  8. I was battling a guy and when I defeated his scizor and jolteon he just forfeited. When I checked whether I got any points it said that you were not eligible to receive any rewards. Like wtf is dis I sweep n then u forfeit so I don't get any rewards. Sadly I couldn't take a screenshot when he forfeited.
  9. Thx @Crueldad really helped a lot . :D
  10. Or can you pls share a zip version of it.
  11. Bro how do I use this. I'm on PC. I downloaded the rar file but I don't know what to do next.
  12. Gift meh Pokemon Sword lmaooo
  13. Does the Masuda method work in Pokemmo??
  14. I was battling some random npc and his Eevee started flying lmao. New eeveelution?? Hmmmmmm
  15. Size: The best size for a signature Text: ImNotLeJohn Team: ZomB Character: Swampert Theme/Background: Anything as long as it looks good. Thanks in advance :D
  16. Hey there r u still making signatures?? If so dm meh :D
  17. Hi there, I was just thinking that might be different teams can have like their own banner and they can also like make their own merch.
  18. Hi just a suggestion that the PC's can get a new feature where u can sort Pokemon based of type, level , dex number , region etc. This will enhance the gameplay as I get really frustrated when I see my disoriented Pc. This sorting feature can also help players who want to get rid of certain pokes or find certain pokes. They can also use it to sell things in gtl easily. Also when u have many of the same Pokemon u can only see the first box that includes that poke so it could be really useful.
  19. Searching for plain spicy seeds. Dm me in game. IGN: ImNotZeJohn
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