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  1. I was battling some random npc and his Eevee started flying lmao. New eeveelution?? Hmmmmmm
  2. Size: The best size for a signature Text: ImNotLeJohn Team: ZomB Character: Swampert Theme/Background: Anything as long as it looks good. Thanks in advance :D
  3. Hey there r u still making signatures?? If so dm meh :D
  4. Mahn this is a really great idea. :) I'll try n support u, what's ur IGN?
  5. ImNotLeJohn

    Team Merch

    Hi there, I was just thinking that might be different teams can have like their own banner and they can also like make their own merch.
  6. Hi just a suggestion that the PC's can get a new feature where u can sort Pokemon based of type, level , dex number , region etc. This will enhance the gameplay as I get really frustrated when I see my disoriented Pc. This sorting feature can also help players who want to get rid of certain pokes or find certain pokes. They can also use it to sell things in gtl easily. Also when u have many of the same Pokemon u can only see the first box that includes that poke so it could be really useful.
  7. Searching for plain spicy seeds. Dm me in game. IGN: ImNotZeJohn
  8. Hey tried this mod. It's frickin lit af. Btw can u add mega manectric?? Thanks so much :D
  9. No mahn it's ok chuck the swampert.
  10. Damn this is noice. I'll go n start making some berry powder rn. :D
  11. This was the best service ever. Really liked it and also recommended it to friends. It was quick and was done nicely. A 10/10 from me. Will look forward to using ur service in the future. Thx mate :D
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