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  1. I hatch my pokes at Trainer's Hill and my secret base
  2. Yes that's exactly what I wanna know. Ik that it's there but it's not out there in the open very less people know where it is. (Even idk where it is) Thank you :) Yes I hope the whole community supports this cause. Thank you everyone :)
  3. Get a life n waste all ur money on making pokemon 6x0 cuz 6x31 sucks.
  4. Hi everyone, I have searched a lot through the whole of forums and have not found a single thing associated with hatch locations. Is there some guide or something which I can refer to? Thanks in advance
  5. Will we be able to battle pumpking after Nov 5 ?
  6. It's an amazing idea @Oldenman when is this?
  7. Nope I do ranked battles although I'm not much of a PvP player I use BP for breeding. But Ithought that you could not forfeit until 5 rounds were over. Exactly but how can you forfeit before 5 rounds is that allowed?
  8. I was battling a guy and when I defeated his scizor and jolteon he just forfeited. When I checked whether I got any points it said that you were not eligible to receive any rewards. Like wtf is dis I sweep n then u forfeit so I don't get any rewards. Sadly I couldn't take a screenshot when he forfeited.
  9. Thx @Crueldad really helped a lot . :D
  10. Or can you pls share a zip version of it.
  11. Bro how do I use this. I'm on PC. I downloaded the rar file but I don't know what to do next.
  12. Gift meh Pokemon Sword lmaooo
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