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  1. yeah we just need to understand this is probably a very tedious process for the staff involved just have some patience
  2. imagine auctioning an OT, anyway it's 20m if you scam enough children ez
  3. dude hasn't updated in almost 2 weeks can we get an update on this pls @Fazing
  4. can i get another stack of 5 berries at your earliest convenience thanks dude
  5. he's probably just busy :) give him sometime he'll get to it ^^
  6. @xJoseeethis is ready to be drawn :)
  7. 62. HalezHS (5 posts) 87. Robbinho (5 posts) 177. Lagonero (6 posts) I'd also like to make the point for these three who are also in the same team as me :)
  8. you already know where i got my sig from the finest form of art
  9. v. true dude just making the case that we shouldn't just blame all new accounts :) some though for sure need to be checked into
  10. How'd you know they're alts? honestly i think it's pretty likely people would make a forum account for the first time just to join this raffle ngl
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