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  1. There's no way I'm the only one who thinks this is reasonable though right? (Assuming your math is all accurate) PvE players are OK with spending 8 hours grinding gyms & farming berries, but when you ask them to PvP for an hour, now we're going too far? Going off of your math, a 50% winrate would still only be around an hour & a half per day, which in no way is unreasonable to ask of. A common argument used is that some people don't have the time to play for an hour every day, OK. I don't have the time to grind RS anymore, so should I just get all the skill capes because I... want them? What about WoW mounts people have grinded years for, should they hand them to me because I think they look cool but don't have time to grind bosses? Personally I'm fine either way they go with this, but I'd just like to retain the rarity & value of these items, especially considering (imo) they don't look that great, so there's no point going for them otherwise.
  2. You don't have to be the best to earn the reward, you can still earn it, just not at the same pace as the #1 player. How is this not fair to you? You have 3 months per season to earn it, not sure why you're trying to do it in 4-5 days as you said earlier. As I mentioned in the other thread, I see this as a big problem. I'm not on the leaderboard so I can't test it myself, but the purpose of this update would be meaningless if you are still only getting 2 points
  3. Paul


    Yeah that's definitely an issue. I'm hoping this isn't how it was intended, but if so, further changes will definitely need to be looked into. I assumed when it said points scale depending on elo, that would mean the #2 player would earn, let's say, 5 points per win compared to the usual 2.
  4. Maybe this is harsh, and not a direct attack at you, but you should not have a 157/155 win/loss record and expect to get the same reward as the #1 OU player. Sure, you have to grind more or improve at PvP, but you still have the ability to earn the same rewards, just at a slower pace.
  5. Paul


    How many points are you earning for wins? I thought they scaled depending on elo and last time I checked you were #2 in UU, it shouldn't take 625 wins
  6. This is a change that promotes people to put in effort and increase their elo, rather than continue to grind low-ladder without trying to get any better. I think it'll hurt casual players who want the rewards, but will be good in the long run for 'forcing' these casual players to actually try. Casual players essentially have 3 options now 1. Get better 2. Continue to grind low-ladder with slower progress towards the reward 3. Give up Obviously #3 is not ideal, but I think this is quite fair considering these are PvP rewards for PvP players. This system is not complete and they will continue to tweak the requirements/payouts so it's best to just give it some time to test before asking for change.
  7. Paul


    They changed how many points you earn based on your elo, so I assume they had to scale the requirements so the good players don't get all the rewards in 2 days of playing.
  8. I am shinyhunterjoe
  9. shinyhunterjoe has a negative win/loss record but will get the super special reward in 2 weeks
  10. I'm desperate for the hats to have some sort of value, and I fear shinyhunterjoe bringing sceptile to low ladder & eventually winning 250 games will hurt that
  11. I agree, the 5 likes on your post mean my opinion is invalid
  12. That's a good portion of the ladder at this point. Just because your old man bones can't handle logging in more than 2 times a week, doesn't mean everyone is like that
  13. Not a fan of this imo I feel the goal should be to keep 'casual' players interested in PvP for as long as possible. It keeps matchmaking alive, and will make it so people normally not interested in PvP find themselves improving & actually enjoying the competitive side. I have friends who have zero interest in pvp already having 25+ wins. I guarantee they play for 2 weeks, get the vanity, and never play again.
  14. You gain 2 points per win and the cost is 1000, so it's 500 wins
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