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  1. 10m Belgium wins Jaawax VS BrianAttackPro iMat VS Yaritan Krillin VS Jamesfaul Mkns VS Julian Stelian VS Camilo LLLiolae VS Zeldris 1m on bold take all
  2. Even if they weren't available to respond, they still didn't agree to cancel the bet. Don't act like a child over 100k, it just looks bad.
  3. Added 2x31 shiny Mudkip. I'll take any offer if it's high enough, but I value cash more than anything else so the value of offers may vary.
  4. You and I already have that. Give me your money
  5. Looking for offers on the Ditto and Mudkip, as well as selling up to 80 Shiny Charms. PM me offers or whisper me in-game, or on discord. IGN: Paul Discord: varietypaul#3063
  6. Starmind wins https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7ou-1136761709
  7. If you mean muted, then yes. If you're muted multiple times and continue to do/say the same things that got you muted, you will likely receive temporary bans, which will eventually lead to a permanent ban.
  8. Bets won/lost this week: Won: MullenYu VS Krillin @Kaitha 3m MullenYu VS Krillin @Tawla 1m MullenYu VS Krillin @PoseidonWrath 500k MullenYu VS Krillin @Kamowanthere 400k MullenYu VS Krillin @Stelian 200k MullenYu VS Krillin @LKrenz 200k MullenYu VS Krillin @DarylDixon 100k Stelian VS Ahpool @GuaPizzz 150k Mkns VS MamosineZ @DarylDixon 100k Jaawax VS mentalsoft @GuaPizzz 150k Jaawax VS mentalsoft @SweeTforU 500k Lost: LLLLiolae VS Starmind @Moi 200k LLLLiolae VS Starmind @GuaPizzz 200k LLLLiolae VS Starmind @calidubstep 50k Will update this as more games are played. IGN: Paul
  9. Great price, great service. 11/10 would recommend & will use again.
  10. Ordered 7 breeds and had them completed within the same day. 10/10 will use again
  11. Requested 5 breeds and had them all done within 2 hours. 10/10 service will definitely use again in the future.
  12. 3 years later, my #1 goal has been completed. 12th OT
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