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  1. nore looking like the brooklyn nets
  2. both of these ideas are good so we should combine them AI vs. AI and you can bet on which AI will win. they'll rig it so the AI we bet on loses 70% of the time and it'll be glorious
  3. You can have a set price such as $100 & only allow one entry per person. I think that's a good option because it allows a lot of people to enter while staff choose someone at random. Good way to give a lot of people a chance
  4. thank goodness nobody is forced to buy a ticket
  5. The forums are inactive enough, we don't need to turn away every single new player while we're at it
  6. I agree, which is why I'm disappointed they seem OK with not making the game better. Again, they have all the tools needed at their disposal, and this game has so much potential to be more than what it is currently, but they seem content with where the game is & don't see any real reason to make changes.
  7. Excusing a lackluster game with poor decision making from the development team doesn't make any sense either. Also, this game is 8 years old & we have no idea how much they earn from donations. They have had time & resources to improve the game, but they are content with having an average product so long as those donations continue to come in.
  8. You would fit in great with the rest of the staff team. Have you considered applying?
  9. I've been unhappy with PokeMMO for a long time now, and I'll just share my personal reasons for no longer playing. The base game will give you around 200~ hours of actual gameplay before it relies on you creating your own playstyle. Whether you want to spend hundreds/thousands of hours hunting with the horrendous shiny rate, or grinding money & playing PvP will little reward, we should all agree the base game is VERY lacking in actual content to play. Due to this, the game relies very heavily on the social aspects of an MMO, but for whatever reason, moderation had e
  10. Paul

    RIP LC

    Hasn't Kyu himself said he doesn't even enjoy playing Pokemon? I don't remember what his exact words were, but something in regards to the turn-based combat boring him? If the lead dev of the game has zero interest or understanding of the competitive side of the game, why are we surprised that he doesn't value any of the time/effort/money that goes into it? The only thing that surprises me more than LC being removed, is that people still take this game seriously and expect these people to make good decisions. We have years of evidence that they do not care about this side of their
  11. people think they aren't recycling the same event for the 5th year? optimistic
  12. economy was destroyed 2 years ago, nothing will change
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