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  1. It looks like you out-skilled your opponent imo, well deserved W
  2. This has still been the core argument of yours, that Kings Rock is a necessary item due to how bulky OU is. It's an interesting argument to me considering you can cripple bulky offense/stall teams using things such as Taunt/Toxic/Trick/Hazards/Set up moves, while there's really no way of countering something luck-based such as Quick Claw or Kings Rock. Rotom-Wash & Magnezone immediately stop this, and they're both extremely common in OU. What stops King's Rock or Quick Claw? These are unskillful items that cannot be predicted or played around, compared to the other luck-based mechanics in the game.
  3. The matchmaking is extremely inconsistent. I was unranked and played against the #2 player back-to-back games, followed by the #73 and #3 player in the same day. Ever since becoming ranked & getting as high as #52, I haven't played against anyone else in the top-100. It makes zero sense from the experience I've had.
  4. Take these 2 -- up to 1m on Archonn for anyone else interested
  5. Just your typical competitive game at 650 elo
  6. take -- I'll bet up to 1m on Orange for anyone else interested
  7. 4 items every 3 months = 10 per week your shiny hunting brain is fried
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