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  1. pretty sus if you ask me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’―πŸ’―
  2. This is irrelevant considering the *best* pizza is standard pepperoni. You can be weird and put all kinds of things on your pizza if you'd like, but the best pizza is still the most simple, and you're complicating a perfect food for no reason other than to fit in with the zoomers. I won't argue any food over pizza, but let's at least be honest about it. If you put vegetables or fruits on your pizza, you're insulting the very idea of what pizza is meant to be. What makes pizza an elite food is the perfect balance between the cheese, sauce, and crispy crust. If you're adding anything other than meat onto this, you're spitting in the face of what made pizza great to begin with, and I can't stand for that.
  3. post-Unova, a lot of moves/abilities/items didn't work properly in PvP, which took them a bit of time to complete. We also didn't have team preview for quite a while, which they eventually added. in 2020, they gave us a new matchmaking system that helped with keeping lower tiers alive & improving rewards. Most of the recent changes have been minor bug/balancing changes, but they did add random battles to matchmaking which is the only 'unnecessary' thing I could see as a complaint. Other than random battles, everything they've done PvP-related has been necessary to keeping that part of the game alive. PvE players getting mad that this small corner of the game is receiving updates is funny, considering PvP here is still a work in progress. In a perfect world, they'd be able to keep up with the needs of both casual & competitive playstyles, but they just don't have the time or the developers to handle everything at once. Both sides need new content to keep things fresh, and given that we're about to have 3 holiday events in the next 5 months to keep PvE players busy, now is the best time for them to focus on PvP imo (even then we have no clue what they're working on right now, it could be PvE updates for all we know)
  4. My idea was allowing us to just choose a hat once we reach 10,000 points in any tier, so if you already have season 2's OU hat, or just don't like that season's hat for your tier, you can choose anything else you want from other tiers, while still promoting people to play different tiers so they can choose multiple per season if they complete OU & UU or whatever. Also, it's pretty lame that once you reach the 2800 biweekly or 10,000 seasonal point requirement, there's nothing else to work towards beyond that. I can get 2800 points in 6 days, but then I have nothing else to do for the other 8 days of that reward cycle. I don't understand why they don't cycle rewards once you complete them, so you can continue grinding like any of the PvE systems that don't limit how much you can earn. I assume it's to 'force' me into playing other tiers for those 8 days, but I just don't have interest in the other meta's and making my OU experience worse because of it is also pretty lame. I feel like these are 2 pretty simple changes that make matchmaking a lot more fun, but I doubt they're ever changed.
  5. You don't have fun with this? looks fun to me
  6. whoever came up with the rapid spin/flail/counter spinda deserves life in prison
  7. Yeah I wonder if there's a way to filter out certain sets if you've already generated a specific item. I had a game with a light clay Raichu & light clay Ampharos on the same team and I was pretty limited with what I could do, essentially playing 6v5.
  8. Why exactly is this a negative thing? Interest in matchmaking & PvP increases, but because it's not your tier, it's bad for the game? And no, a random gamemode with awful sets is not going to take away potential serious PvPers. If any argument can be made, it's that new and casual players alike will be playing matchmaking from a much earlier point (4 badges?) than before, only increasing their interest and exposure to PvP. (exposure is a major issue, so many new players don't even know MM exists or how to get there)
  9. It's been years now that everyone has shared their theories for the lack of interest in lower tiers. A random battles gamemode with neutral natures & split EVs being the reason every other tier dies is hilarious to me. Nobody wants to question if maybe, just maybe, their tiers just aren't interesting for the majority of the population.
  10. let's just hope your other prediction is wrong pepelaugh
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