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  1. of all the missing features to be upset about, this is definitely an interesting one
  2. Paul

    Vanity Thread

    i think the xmas lights were taken from here, could be wrong though
  3. whoever collects the most plastic straws wins a turtle hat
  4. the Halloween boss took me around 8-12 minutes per run depending on rng, and I only had to make 2 teams before getting the strategy correct. This should be more than doable for newer players imo this thread, along with the many others, has shown that the PvE/PvP/Casual communities are very far apart in what they want, and someone will always be unhappy. I'm glad we can agree on that
  5. It's meant to be a holiday boss and you can't have every new player capable of beating a boss, otherwise it's no longer a boss. At some point, someone with 3,000 hours played should have some kind of advantage over a new player with 300 hours played, and even then 300 hours should be more than enough to afford the pokemon needed to beat the boss. Unless you're arguing that a new player with 20 hours played should be able to defeat an event boss, I don't really understand what you're arguing for. If there were zero advantages of having a lot of playtime/money/resources, nobody would bother playing the game beyond the story.
  6. These are just a few successful examples, ignoring all of the vanity items which have flopped. If a new player grinded up a few million and invested in the UFO hat, or the Eyeball Masks, or the Snow Globe Hat in past events, they probably lost on their investment and didn't try again with the GDM. I had a teammate who tried to mass buy the Mage's Staff during Halloween, and lost 100m+ when they extended the event 24h and the price plummeted. It's a brutal economy and the few successful items aren't consistent enough for new players, or even wealthy players trying to get wealthier. I don't really know what the solution is when there is so much money already in the game, so it appears the wealth gap will always be insane.
  7. I agree the prices of limited-time items makes them unobtainable for most players, but they have said in the past they won't have those items return. People paid real money for those items when they first released, and it would be a scam to years later release it again when it was advertised as being limited-time. The main problem I see is with inflation. Wealthy players have boatloads of money, but with nothing to spend it on, so they just dump it into whatever new vanity comes out. The solution would be to add new money sinks that could reduce how much money these players have, but it's probably too late now that they're hoarding billions.
  8. the christmas sleigh could have been your kickstarter but you didn't make it limited
  9. I can say I'm extremely excited for this to be released in 2025 with the next update
  10. probably because this has been suggested 100 times and they've repeatedly said no
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