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  1. To reiterate, please submit your team with a detailed explanation of the teambuilding process
  2. Doubles Teambuilding Competition What is the Doubles Teambuilding Competition? The Doubles Teambuilding Competition is a monthly competition where people who want to compete are given a Pokemon to build a team around. Once the deadline for team submissions has finished, a vote will be held for the best team! How to Participate To compete, reply with a Pokepaste of your team, as well as an explanation of your teambuilding logic. Please also include your IGN. Voting A panel of judges will select the best team after the submission deadline has passed! Judges: @Rakhmaninov @OrangeManiac @Lactosoid @Imabetheverybest1 Rules The submitted team must be viable for the current PokeMMO Doubles format Don't copy other players' teams! Be creative! Prizes 1st Place = 1m 2nd Place = 250k This Month's Challenge: Build a generation-exclusive team! Only Pokemon within one generation are allowed! Deadline: 31st July 00:00 BST Sample Team (Gen III Rain): https://pokepast.es/fc6601e819969d27 Useful Teambuilding Guides Good Luck!
  3. And the winners are... 1) @Fermie98 As well as Gyarados, this team makes use of some very unique choices, such as Lucario, without sacrificing team composition. 2) @ThinkNicer A very well-rounded team, with creative choices like curse ferrothorn and choice scarf togekiss. Congrats to both! And thank you for all your excellent submissions :))
  4. Thanks for all the submissions! Now that we have some more entries, we will finalise the winners and let you know! Great teams guys ^^
  5. Unfortunately we'll have to cancel as there have been too few entries :( Edit: Will be continuing now there are more entries
  6. Great review mate! Straight to the point :)
  7. No problem at all, here to help <3 Just a few more pointers: Have you considered fighting gem mienshao? With Close Combat that would be more consistent against P2! Icy Wind is probably better off on a Choice Scarf Pelipper set, as you get to provide immediate speed control for a slower partner (scarf pelipper outspeeds base 120s). Overall, tailwind with Sash is more consistent - here's a scenario: pelipper+kingdra vs pelipper+kingdra. You icy wind and protect with kingdra; the opponent protects their kingdra and uses tailwind with pelipper. Icy Wind also has a chance to miss too, and only reduces speed by one stage, rather than two. As a side note because we mentioned electric types, I wonder about the viability of Rotom-Mow on rain teams, as most rain teams tend to require electric and grass coverage for gastrodon/rotom/crobat/togekiss/blastoise... Worth a try! Maybe something like this... https://pokepast.es/cfc8c2aa0473238b
  8. I think the team is generally quite solid, but will need a few tweaks! Close Combat>High Jump Kick on Mienshao. Since most doubles mons have protect, you will likely end up using half of your health every time the opponent blocks your attack. Tailwind>Wide Guard on Pelipper. If your team needs tailwind support for max efficiency, it's better to have 2 setters than 1. Consider your Trick Room matchup. None of the pokemon on your team can OHKO or taunt reuniclus, one of the most common TR setters. Perhaps change Scizor for Metagross* and give Whimsicott Taunt instead of Helping Hand Try some more move options on Kingdra, like Draco Meteor>Dragon Pulse, and muddy water (which bypasses storm drain) over scald. Hurricane is also nice for dealing with opposing rain teams with Ludicolo, which checks gastrodon Focus Sash>Leftovers on Whimsicott - it's very frail! *Metagross is your only crobat check. If you do end up switching it for scizor, you'll need to consider this. Your team will struggle against togekiss/blastoise set up teams, as you have no way of stopping follow me, or dealing significant damage to either of them. This is why an electric type is very useful on a rain team, such as modest Electric Gem Jolteon, or a Rotom form. Look at the structure of teams such as @Lactosoid's Rain team of Pelipper/Ludicolo/Rotom-W/Metagross/Mienshao/Chandelure for inspiration. I hope this helps!
  9. Some more Rachmaninoff, here is my Piano Trio performing my arrangement of one of his songs (I'm the violinist):
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