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  1. I've made the requested changes! I agree, D tier is full of fringe/gimmick pokemon - I've taken them off for now and will leave them here in a spoiler in case they need to be reintroduced Thanks for generating more discussion! ^^
  2. Thank you for you input @OrangeManiac! Please could you provide some sample teams along with these suggestions? Or teams that have seen tournament success? I'll keep an eye on teams in finals which match up to the cores listed! Thanks bro :)
  3. I haven't read all of the Q&A, so please forgive me if this has already been answered! Will the new speed calculation/turn order mechanics from SwSh be introduced in the update (i.e regarding tailwind/weather etc)? I've heard rumors about this but I'd like to know for certain. nvm I found it [Kyu] Yes, speed changes were included.
  4. Bump - Added @OrangeManiac's winning team from CC #198 to the Rain Framework
  5. Bump - added tournament final usage to OP with data from CC #198 Here is the updated table for reference: Tournament Final Usage: Mar 19 - Jul 16 Teams: 50 Pokemon Raw Data Percentage Togekiss 26 52.00% Garchomp 23 46.00% Hitmontop 23 46.00% Reuniclus 20 40.00% Kingdra 19 38.00% Metagross 15 30.00% Blastoise 14 28.00% Rotom-W 10 20.00% Porygon2 8 16.00% Gastrodon 8 16.00% Amoonguss 8 16.00% Tyranitar 7 14.00% Snorlax 7 14.00% Hariyama 6 12.00% Gengar 6 12.00% Conkeldurr 5 10.00% Salamence 5 10.00% Scizor 5 10.00% Will be resetting the table in the new update. Here is a spreadsheet which documents all tournament final teams since March 19: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DlDFJo-YOv2G3CteaupFlIkM442VWQT--TmgceoOAjU/edit?usp=sharing
  6. Posting this here for reference, not sure how useful it'll be but it should give an indication as to common team archetypes in finals. For example, Trick Room and Set Up teams see a lot of success, hence the surprising number of Reuniclus used. I wonder how this will change going into the new update! Apologies for the table being upside down XD Usage Statistics from CC Finals #185-196 (excluding #195) Teams: 22 Pokemon Raw Data Percentage Gastrodon 4 18.18% Tyranitar 4 18.18% Conkeldurr 5 22.73% Hariyama 5 22.73% Porygon2 5 22.73% Kingdra 6 27.27% Metagross 6 27.27% Rotom-W 7 31.82% Blastoise 8 36.36% Hitmontop 10 45.45% Garchomp 11 50.00% Togekiss 12 54.55% Reuniclus 14 63.64%
  7. Added Salamence's description! Going to leave the last slot as "filler" for now as there are too many different roles which fill the last slot on all teams listed to justify a more specific title. Granted that if it were just your teams which were used to make the framework I would consider a different title. Peripheral team roles become looser suggestions by definition :)
  8. Thank you bro, thought I was missing something :) Will add your descriptions to the framework
  9. Added a Garchomp framework. @TiToooo you might want to comment as two of your teams are up there :)
  10. Promoting Ludicolo to B+ Tier due to the above suggestions, as they were not implemented when the sub-tiers were introduced. Please discuss if you disagree :)
  11. Added Rickypoke's team from CC #196 to Set Up framework. NB Snorlax Belly drum as a secondary set up under trick room
  12. Ye I'll make a framework for it too, looks pretty solid
  13. lol it's british for cool https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=that's sick
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