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  1. Doubles Teambuilding Frameworks Welcome to the new and updated Doubles Teambuilding Frameworks! This guide aims to suggest common structures to successful teams. The teams listed are from recent tournament finals. Please let me know if you want your team removing or adding. - Disclaimer - As PokeMMO Doubles doesn't have many over-centralising Pokemon, this guide focuses on team archetypes that do have centralising Pokemon at their core, for example weather setters and Trick Room users. Frameworks will tend to over-generalise, so take this guide with a pi
  2. PokeMMO uses the Generation 8 base power for all moves, as far as I'm aware, which means leech life (as CaptnBaklava rightly said) has 80 base power. Use the latest Pokemon Damage Calculator to see how much damage moves do :)
  3. I'd also like to point out that Leaf Storm is now also available for Ludicolo, if you're looking for more of a hit and run strategy
  4. Ah okay, I'll have a think about alternating between Mamoswine/Amoonguss/Reuniclus and see which I like best :)
  5. Agreed. My main question was if you have any ideas of how to improve the matchup with TR leads if there aren't many swappable slots?
  6. Updated Team: https://pokepast.es/d954aeaa3b93df37 Will add this to OP
  7. As I suspected. However, I'm already considering having Oblivious Mamoswine over Garchomp thanks to @iJulian's rate, so it's a bit of a toss-up. Any ideas here? Having Mamoswine as an extra answer to Togekiss leads is also a very attractive prospect...
  8. Thank you mate, lots to consider here! You mentioned an anti TR mon - which slot do you envision swapping out for this?
  9. Beautiful! Thanks so much, I really appreciate it :)
  10. How would that affect the Abomasnow matchup? Would Hitmontop be viable option over Salamence for wide guard/fighting STAB or would that risk sacrificing too much offensive presence?
  11. Oooo Mamoswine sounds like it could put in a lot of work - do you think Mamoswine>Garchomp might have a place on this team? Mamoswine+Crobat is kinda reminiscent of Arash Omati's VGC 2013 Worlds team...
  12. Thank you mate, you've pointed out some key weaknesses. And I'm glad you like the lum+swagger! I think Togekiss is also a nice mon to run it with too if crobat doesn't quite fit the team composition, as it can outspeed metagross by one point with 60 EVs to ensure that swagger has an immediate effect, as well as providing redirection support+bulk :)
  13. Thank you very much! I'll consider electroweb, that's quite a nice tech especially against togekiss/blastoise+kingdra :)
  14. Ah you're right, Mental Herb Bronzong would be a pretty big threat to the team, I'll have a think, thanks!! :)
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