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  1. Hi! I hope my guide does a good enough job of distilling some common roles for doubles teambuilding - on top of this guide, have a think about whether your team has enough ways to deal with every common pokemon on the viability rankings: You'll also want to ask yourself whether your team has enough ways to deal with all of the frameworks listed in this article, too. So, rain, trick room, set up and tailwind counters most likely. Suggestions Rain counter: something that can change the weather to something that isn't rain, like tyranitar, gigalith or abomasnow Trick Room counter: something that can operate in trick room, or stop it from being set up and can OHKO reuniclus and porygon2, such as scizor, crobat (taunt), mienshao, tyranitar etc... Set Up: spread moves, imprison+follow me, taunt, fake out, counters to togekiss, blastoise and electabuzz etc Tailwind: your own tailwind user, or a trick room mode
  2. My pleasure. If you need any advice on teambuilding for doubles, please feel free to send me a message and I'll do my best to offer critique :))
  3. Completely agree with you @OrangeManiac I hope this suggestion gets the attention of the devs :))
  4. And the winners are... 1st Place: Fermie - 5th Generation [pokepaste] A very well balanced semi-TR team, with excellent options for both inside and outside of Trick Room. 2nd Place: YJos - 4th Generation [pokepaste] An interesting team which makes excellent use of the Toge/Chomp/Rotom-W core, with Abomasnow as a great choice for countering weather based teams. We weren't too sure about gastrodon's synergy with the team however. Congratulations to both our winners, and thank you to everyone for taking part! Let us know what you want to see in future competitions 🙂
  5. I'll be writing up the results later today... I had some problems with my laptop, sorry for the delay!
  6. I'm on holiday this week so will get back to you all soon... Great entries guys ❤️
  7. To reiterate, please submit your team with a detailed explanation of the teambuilding process
  8. Doubles Teambuilding Competition What is the Doubles Teambuilding Competition? The Doubles Teambuilding Competition is a monthly competition where people who want to compete are given a Pokemon to build a team around. Once the deadline for team submissions has finished, a vote will be held for the best team! How to Participate To compete, reply with a Pokepaste of your team, as well as an explanation of your teambuilding logic. Please also include your IGN. Voting A panel of judges will select the best team after the submission deadline has passed! Judges: @Rakhmaninov @OrangeManiac @Lactosoid @Imabetheverybest1 Rules The submitted team must be viable for the current PokeMMO Doubles format Don't copy other players' teams! Be creative! Prizes 1st Place = 1m 2nd Place = 250k This Month's Challenge: Build a generation-exclusive team! Only Pokemon within one generation are allowed! Deadline: 31st July 00:00 BST Sample Team (Gen III Rain): https://pokepast.es/fc6601e819969d27 Useful Teambuilding Guides Good Luck!
  9. And the winners are... 1) @Fermie98 As well as Gyarados, this team makes use of some very unique choices, such as Lucario, without sacrificing team composition. 2) @ThinkNicer A very well-rounded team, with creative choices like curse ferrothorn and choice scarf togekiss. Congrats to both! And thank you for all your excellent submissions :))
  10. Thanks for all the submissions! Now that we have some more entries, we will finalise the winners and let you know! Great teams guys ^^
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