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  1. Thanks for all the submissions! Now that we have some more entries, we will finalise the winners and let you know! Great teams guys ^^
  2. Unfortunately we'll have to cancel as there have been too few entries :( Edit: Will be continuing now there are more entries
  3. Great review mate! Straight to the point :)
  4. No problem at all, here to help <3 Just a few more pointers: Have you considered fighting gem mienshao? With Close Combat that would be more consistent against P2! Icy Wind is probably better off on a Choice Scarf Pelipper set, as you get to provide immediate speed control for a slower partner (scarf pelipper outspeeds base 120s). Overall, tailwind with Sash is more consistent - here's a scenario: pelipper+kingdra vs pelipper+kingdra. You icy wind and protect with kingdra; the opponent protects their kingdra and uses tailwind with pelipper. Icy Wind also has a chance to mis
  5. I think the team is generally quite solid, but will need a few tweaks! Close Combat>High Jump Kick on Mienshao. Since most doubles mons have protect, you will likely end up using half of your health every time the opponent blocks your attack. Tailwind>Wide Guard on Pelipper. If your team needs tailwind support for max efficiency, it's better to have 2 setters than 1. Consider your Trick Room matchup. None of the pokemon on your team can OHKO or taunt reuniclus, one of the most common TR setters. Perhaps change Scizor for Metagross* and give Whimsicott Taunt instead of
  6. Some more Rachmaninoff, here is my Piano Trio performing my arrangement of one of his songs (I'm the violinist):
  7. For those of you who enjoy Classical Music, this is my performance of the Prelude in B Minor by Sergei Rachmaninoff (whom my profile is named after). It is based on the below painting by Arnold Böcklin, called "The Homecoming" (Die Heimkehr). Rachmaninoff composed this work before he had to flee Russia in the October Revolution. If Moiseiwitsch's account is to be believed, it was his favourite prelude, as it reminded him of his home, which he lost forever. I hope you enjoy.
  8. This month's Pokemon are Arcanine, Gyarados or Snorlax! Use 1 or more of these Pokemon to build your team. Here's a sample team: https://pokepast.es/c88177286f46fa41 Looking forward to seeing your submissions!
  9. And the winners are... 1st Place: @ThinkNicer 2nd Place: @isi1993 Congratulations! Check your mail inbox for your prizes! Explanation 1st place was awarded to @ThinkNicer as it was the most creative submission, without sacrificing viability. Abomasnow and Nasty Plot Togekiss are excellent partners for Mamoswine, but are not immediately obvious choices. Well done! 2nd place was more difficult to decide. It was eventually awarded to @isi1993 for an excellent submission, with interesting non-standard choices, such as choice scarf Ty
  10. Last chance for submissions! Deadline is tomorrow at 00:00 BST
  11. Glad you find this useful! Feel free to send me your team ideas if you want them critiqued!
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