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  1. Unova, Relic Castle: Trainer pick up: Heal powder [pic] Abi pick up: Relic gold [pic] I know there are other pick up loots there but I forgot to take pics, sorry
  2. This is slower than assist smeargle set up. HP gain is irrelevant since ditto won't kill you with false swipe. That being said, breloom + sub is popular ditto catcher, but in terms of time efficiency, it's certainly slower than assist smeargle set up. Disadvantage of assist smeargle is that you have limited options when you encounter shiny in random horde. As a solution, you bring another smeargle instead of parasect (that knows spore + uncallable move such as covet)
  3. I'll buy all, you're offline rn so I sent a mail instead
  4. This is a very well written guide, thanks for posting. Overall everything seems fine, it's just that this sentence below seems a little off. Maybe replace "and breeding" with "and continue breeding" or just delete "and breeding" all together. Also, do you want to add a few sentences regarding OT, OT* and Unknown OT? So that those who refer to guide can also learn about them. Just for completeness, remember that There are also some special mechanics and notes about breeding for certain cases like breeding male only pokes, breeding some of the babies, passing Volt Tackle to Pikachu etc. You certainly don't have to include every single exception. I'm just reminding them in case you want to mention. A lot of players asking for breeding guides daily in the chat so it'll be nice to refer them here. Thanks again.
  5. Maybe you're lagging. Type /ping It'll show your ping (on a chat where system messages can be seen). 1000 ms deal is equivalent to 1 second delay. If your ping isn't high (less than 150 ms) then you at least verify it's not due to your internet
  6. I dont wanna face against this monster, ever. Can the update wait till early july 2021? k thx
  7. Dip


    For reference, OT dex is maxed out at 606, basically 602+4 catchable legendaries (mewtwo/rayquaza/arceus/keldeo) Also, there is no reward for going up to 606 from 602 but at least then, you'll know you're completely maxed out
  8. To supplement what's said above, you can also refer this guide for general info: Unfortunately, this guide isn't that comprehensive. OP insisted to use private google doc to gather data and then stopped updating the guide. Moreover, it's also confirmed that this statement: Pokemon from swarms often have good IV stats. is wrong. That being said, the guide is still sufficient to explain how swarms work in general and provides decent info regarding known swarms.
  9. Whether it's OT* or Unknown OT depends on parents, not the egg. Sorry if I wasn't clear above, for your case, any charmander you get by breeding OT* and any ditto will be OT*, even if the egg is shiny or not. So for your question, the answer is that you'll get OT*. However, if you breed two shinies in which the parent that's same species as the egg is not OT, then the shiny egg will be Unknown OT. I hope this is clear. EDIT: An easy way to see is to remember it as, what you see in breeding screen is what you get. It doesn't matter if the regular parent's produce a shiny egg randomly.
  10. Thanks for your reply Sethsen, I also saw this in bulbapedia as well. However, it also says that relic copper/silver/gold are also located in Abyssal Ruins, but in pokemmo they're available (I also own relic copper and relic silver but not relic gold but I've seen people linking relic gold before). So I was wondering if this was also the case for other relic items such as relic vase/crown etc. Just as I completed the living dex, I want to completely obtain all available items in the game. At least as much as I can. I am aware item maniacs don't exists in here but thanks for verifying
  11. The answer for your question is shiny will be OT*. The way it works is that, If the parent that's same species as the egg is OT, then egg is OT, otherwise egg is OT*. If both parents are shiny, replace the term "OT*" as "Unknown OT" in above sentence.
  12. Thanks for your reply, but the reason I made this post is because none of the guides have info regarding relic gold and other relic items (other than relic copper/silver). Have a good day as well, my question remains unanswered. Also, to clarify, I know for a fact relic gold exists in game. I saw it linked in chinese chat before. As for the other relic items I listed in OP, I'm not sure if they're available. Regardless, although such guides provide fantastic info, unfortunately they're not complete
  13. I know relic copper, silver and gold are available in game. Relic copper and silver can be found as pick up loot in undella bay. Does anyone know where can I find relic gold? Also, are other relic items such as relic statue, relic vase or relic crown available?
  14. There are dozens of us D O Z E N S
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