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  1. Agreed and it is not hard to see this. Quick glance at GTL for choice items and comparing BP spent vs. money gained is enough. It seems the most "profitable" way to spend BP is to buy breeding braces and use them accordingly (either breed for yourself or spam breed up to 3 31 / 4 31 with egg groups that can use multiple natures then put em on GTL). Also, I appreciate the attitude but I prefer quality over quantity. You're free to do as you please though
  2. Since this thread is revived, I'll mention the assist smeargle set up, which is the most efficient set up for catching dittos. This is also briefly explained in this guide post: Assist set up requires 1 smeargle + 1 poke that knows spore and, preferably, uncallable moves only. The best way to run this set up is with 2 smeargles but 1 smeargle + 1 paras/shroomish etc. is also okay. For 1st smeargle, we put false swipe + assist + 2 moves that does nothing in 1v1 battle (sketch/splash/helping hand etc.) and for 2nd smeargle, we have spore + uncallable damage moves like covet. The list of uncallable moves can be found here: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Assist_(move)#Uncallable_moves To catch ditto, simply do false swipe + assist (which will call only spore) and catch it. Ditto will transform into 1st smeargle which does nothing to slow catching progress. Procedure is same if you lead with sync poke like ralts. As mentioned in the above link, this method is faster than breloom + subs since we don't waste a turn using substitute. Also, it is better to use 2nd smeargle instead of paras etc. because we can put uncallable damage moves like covet to take care of the non-ditto horde in case of random shiny. For reference, this is the assist set up I use for ditto catching: The only downside for this method is preparing this set up. Besides that, there is no other downsides.
  3. Softboiled cannot be used outside of battle here. Also, stop wasting time with E4 imo. Gym reruns is more efficient I'm sure. With AC (amulet coin), you can comfortably get +200k with any decent level 100 team. If you invest a bit and optimize your team for runs, you can get a bit above 300k with one AC. Gym reruns are very easy when you go prepared, while there are different sets that gym leaders use, it's still trivial after preparation so you can farm them effortlessly
  4. In short, you can buy all TMs from the department stores (but they're not all in one NPC). Here as you see, floor 2 in Celadon Store has Sludge Bomb
  5. Refer here for complete information that's included in pokedex, which also has the location for wild encounters: The page loads slow, give it time. Also I don't quite get what you're looking for. If you're looking to grind for exp, route 12 rapidash horde and hoenn BF tenta horde are good exp spots. Otherwise, it's better to hunt for egg groups instead of types.
  6. Yes, for moves, glance over the details in latest update: Short summary is that, tutors and move reminders/deleters are moved to pokecenter and you can refer to this guide to see which tutor moves are thought in which tutors: TMs are included in big marts. Here we have gen5 poke (so no fairies and steel resists dark) with gen5 moves (so no moves that are introduced in gen6 or later) but with gen8 learn set i think.
  7. As seen in dex Flygon learns ddance at START and as TM. So, you can teach it via move reminder (heart scales) or by using the TM (can be bought from big marts like celadon/lillycove mart) Learn to use the in game pokedex for questions like this, not the pokedex info on external resources.
  8. Thanks for your response, after some digging I found this response which was made in 2019. So seems like the way it works currently is 5% flat. However, I also found this and there, it seems the OP's experience was that some items were easier to find on some pokemon than others, which makes sense if more rare Pokemon = higher item chance. common pokemon = lower chance. Also this was posted in 2015 .
  9. This can also be helpful for newer players as well. Often times when they ask for help for trade evo, and I tell them I can help them in whisper, they don't know where to see/change their channels. If they can simply link their location like they link their pokes, that'd be helpful.
  10. We can see which items a poke can hold in wild from dex but do we know anything about the chance a wild poke holds an item? Is it 5% for everything (or for most)?
  11. Unova, Relic Castle: Trainer pick up: Heal powder [pic] Abi pick up: Relic gold [pic] I know there are other pick up loots there but I forgot to take pics, sorry
  12. This is slower than assist smeargle set up. HP gain is irrelevant since ditto won't kill you with false swipe. That being said, breloom + sub is popular ditto catcher, but in terms of time efficiency, it's certainly slower than assist smeargle set up. Disadvantage of assist smeargle is that you have limited options when you encounter shiny in random horde. As a solution, you bring another smeargle instead of parasect (that knows spore + uncallable move such as covet)
  13. This is a very well written guide, thanks for posting. Overall everything seems fine, it's just that this sentence below seems a little off. Maybe replace "and breeding" with "and continue breeding" or just delete "and breeding" all together. Also, do you want to add a few sentences regarding OT, OT* and Unknown OT? So that those who refer to guide can also learn about them. Just for completeness, remember that There are also some special mechanics and notes about breeding for certain cases like breeding male only pokes, breeding some of the babies, passing Volt Tackle to Pikachu etc. You certainly don't have to include every single exception. I'm just reminding them in case you want to mention. A lot of players asking for breeding guides daily in the chat so it'll be nice to refer them here. Thanks again.
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