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  1. ko7a01

    Hey m8s!

    Thanks for the welcome !
  2. ko7a01

    Hey m8s!

    Thanks! I've looked into it and after few attempts got one which replied back xD
  3. ko7a01

    Hey m8s!

    Thanks! So far i'm reading a lot about how to build a team and such. But for now i'm focused on money farming in order to be able to get few good mons.
  4. ko7a01

    Hey m8s!

    Hi all, i'm Cota and pretty new to the game! I started playing with 2 friends and we are looking for a Spanish Team to join and guide us trough the pokemmo ways. Already found one! You can find my info below. See you in the game! In game name: Pituso Join Date: 04/22/2020 Hours played: 47 Screenshot of your character: Picture of yourself: Can be found in my avatar Country where you live: Argentina The theme tune to a movie about your life would be: Too cool for school Your autobiography would be called: At least it was fun Current occupation: Systems QA & Designer Sweet or Salt Popcorn: Spicy popcorn Your super hero power would be: Control my body at atomic level Favourite and Least Favourite Pokemon: Nidoking & Snorlax Favourite Movie: Fifth Element Your favourite TV show as a kid was: Alf Last meal you ate was: Ravioli
  5. Ya gané mi primera Liga Pokemón en KANTO!

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