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  1. IGN: Clayclover Time Zone (UTC format): -4 Tiers: OU - UU - LC Fluff: The first PSL i'm signing. Don't put me with wallarro pls, also guarantee any duel aganist him xD
  2. Lineup Name: Mucha Raja Player: Clayclover Player: lachidrago Player: CarolML Player: Jaafri Player: Gabuchox Captain: Bund
  3. Someone Explain how the f... the player KDgogogo reached finals with same Full RNG team. Is healthy keep using King's Rock at pvp?
  4. can i recommend a post for random match building suggestions? also pokemon should have some kind of value to balance teams to have more fair battles (i.e: Dustox quiver dance set has 3 points in your team, exeggutor physical set 1 point . So you have 4 points and your rival has a mukrow roost calm mind and claydol scarf, two points each. 4 points has your rival)
  5. Team Name: LabExperiments Team Tag: [LAB] Registered Players: ProfesorEinstein, Yjos, Triskaleon, TomaselioMP, Clayclover, AlexTCR, NicolasVZA Team Captain: ProfesorEinstein
  6. You can't just report someone cuz you can. must have any proof or something or mods will ignore it (also make the report process snarl-up, taking the REAL ones more time than needed, so don't even try) Still think is a good idea, tons of vanities and mons would be wasted in a banned account, i mean, why not? certain vanities can't found cuz nobody wants to sell i.e: kyu hat (Someday will afford one ;-;) but should be controlled, things as vanities bought by a credit card refund/fake card should not be at auction.
  7. IGN: Clayclover Preferred Tiers: LCOU, LCUU, SSLC Competitive accolades (optional, although it certainly increases your chances of getting picked): xD Discord contact:clayclover#7295 Fluff: i gonna do my best for winning πŸ˜„ Preferred Potential Manager: YettoDie/TheDH Least Preferred Potential Manager: Meme Managers (?
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