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  1. Hello guys my friend need help. The background of her battle is all black, she already changed the resolution and did a lot of process and no result. Please help!
  2. But how one guy caught one today in route 10? Yes, caught!
  3. Where do I find the Tyrogue? At Pokedex says he can't be found in the wildness, but I saw alot of people found him in the wild. Please someone tell me how!
  4. Here is a suggestion box, so I suggest what I want about the game. Even because I didn't ask what you think. If you want to be aggressive and don't agree, just don't see it. Conversar em #geral
  5. Hello guys, I would like to suggest that you change the battle graphics, because I think it is very ugly. And it is something that bothers me a lot. I also believe that it would attract the attention of many other people. Just the background of the battles.
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