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  1. Aquila29

    Quick Wishlist

    1. Add the Hidden Ability for the next time, it will be cool for the next update. :) 2. Add the Fairy Type ! I know i hate the fairy but it will matter to me add a challenge 3. I would like us to add the Johto Region please i am still waiting for this region to face the ultimate trainer who just Red. This is my wishlist for the moment. I hope my ideas will be taken into account. ^-^ :)
  2. I will finished the Hoenn region Victory Road and Pokémon League ^^
  3. Hi everybody ! It's me again do not hesitate to follow my twitch channel to see my gameplay and especially beware that it sometimes saturates too much. ^^ Thank you in advance ! ^^ https://www.twitch.tv/skuntank3800 PS: This is for french only, i have a difficulty in englsih word.
  4. Hi ! I would really like to have Johto region for the next update and add the legendary pokémon too it would be cool. :) PS: And for 2021 i want the Kalos region ! ^^
  5. Bienvenue ! My friends. ^^
  6. Welcome to the forum, i hope that your shiny will fall soon enough. ^^
  7. Aquila29


    Hi ! And welcome to the community ^^
  8. Hi all ! My StreamLabs OBS don't work on Twitch and Youtube, when i want to start a stream with application on my compute and he stop the stream with the message ''ignored image detected error message'' ! how to configured it would be nice of you to help me. Thank you in advance !
  9. Aquila29

    Hi all

    Thank you everyone ! ^^ I have a question how to registry a club in the forum it would be nice of you. :)
  10. Aquila29

    Hi all

    Hi all my name is Axel, pseudo charcarters in game Madboss in PokéMMO or Skuntank3800 in YouTube. I have 24 years im a pokémon fan, im from Belgium Wallonia, i have the Asperger Syndrome and i create a club not long ago in the game, the club tag is [MBA] and full name: Milotic Assembly (Mliobellus Assembly in french). My club will be mixed on competitive and casual play for the french player interessed. ^^ I hope that we will get along well between most of this community and sorry for my bad english.
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