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  1. Dos preguntas, la primera: Los sprites cambian tambien en batalla? Y cambian automaticamente? la 2da (3er pregunta en realidad xd) si yo instalo tu tema pero tengo activo un mod de sprites de 7ma gen, los sprites de tu tema pasaran por arriba a los del mod o seguire viendo los sprites de 7ma? gracias
  2. Why I cannot plant berries? How Can I get it?
  3. Can we sell or buy accounts with real money? or we cannot and it´s no correct?
  4. Can I get a Cherish Ball? How?
  5. Does the level of obedience increases only when beating elites four up or is it necessary to beat up the champion? If I defeat the elite four but I lose with the champion, te level of obedience increases anyways?
  6. Plase I wanna Change my name... It is possible? How can I do it?
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