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  1. Korea - Spain Dubs - grdzick vs Darkquiler Saturday June 13rd 10:30am (GMT)
  2. grdzick vs millernine in 10min
  3. Korea - Portugal Dubs - grdzick vs millernine Saturday June 6th 13(GMT)
  4. largeflower vs JuniorPT in 10min
  5. NU - largeflower vs Cristi in 10min
  6. Dubs - grdzick vs santiii in 10min
  7. Korea - Rest of America Dubs - grdzick vs santiii Thursday May 28th 3am (GMT)
  8. DUBS - grdzick VS Kamowanthere in 15min
  9. UU - IhikariI VS ItsGray in 10min
  10. Korea - Turkey Dubs grdzick vs Kamowanthere 23rd May Saturday 13:00 (GMT)
  11. dubs rewchanzzdfa vs angelosred in 10min
  12. UU grdzick vs xLuneth in 10min
  13. Korea - Peru B UU grdzick vs xLuneth 13rd May Wednesday 0:40 am (GMT)
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