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  1. yup btw sorry for taking so long im actually tryna do good
  2. Ill get to these asap, but just a notice, i enjoy doing sigs alot better, art is a side show, but request away as you please ;)
  3. Guess whos back muthafuckazzzz Sigs and art is back up my friends
  4. For those who dont know me I am Bane The Golden Days The Golden day, the time before PokeMMO was taken over by new players, and still run by the beginners, a time before the legendaries were implemented, where we made fun of kudasai just because we could, when League of Extraordinaryw Magikarp was supreme, When Kassy's nipples were the talk of the town, a time when Nightwing was a musical god to us, blessing us with the sweet sounds of his guitar. A time when IceMyr wanted the D. Oh the Golden Days when Rose wouldn't sit on WinterBrahs face, when deejay was killing sigs, when sluts infiltrated the staff, when i could draw and do sigs, When Metapod was cool enough to have its own team, Oh these Were the Golden Days, An Amazing time with Amazing People Cheers, to PokeMMO Sincerely, Bane Rachel(LEM): Kassy(BONG): NaitDawg: The WCOWL TRANZMASTER: Rose(LEM): Stupidity: http://i1268.photobucket.com/albums/jj576/hoolio2/lolkittehz_zpse93dfd80.png Dannnno(BONG): Somebody requested this ages ago: GloriousWalrus: Old Trainer Card: Zycc i love that^ Fucking Shity old ass team sig For those of you Who dont understand pls go For those who remember post away my friends :)
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