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  1. IGN: SnowOT Time Zone: GMT -3 Tier: UU Fluff: I'm the guy of the picture
  2. IGN: SnowOT Tiers: All Preferred/ Least Preferred Potential Manager: La mamá de MendeeZ/ Cali
  3. Team Name: LØRÐ Team Tag: LØRÐ Registered Players: Sebat ZacMorales TiToooo Javess THORRM Darkneu CristhianArce SnowOT Redav Chopyta Santiii EpicVerde KokenoCastro Isperea Montoto KiiritoX Team Captain: KiiritoX
  4. IGN: SnowOT Reason: Just play lol Preferred tiers: UU/OU/LC
  5. IGN: SnowOT Country: Chile Tiers: OU UU LC
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