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  1. Unfortunately not, just OUs, NUs and Untiered atm
  2. I should say, with everyone kinda going against whats been said, I dont think the ivs on the leaderboard are an issue, however tour prizes are of higher prestige and should be treated as such
  3. Vullaby: Impish: 30 6 30 7 30 30: 252 HP 252 Def 6 Speed: Defog, Roost, Foul Play, Toxic -300k Qwilfish: Impish: 28 29 30 18 28 31: 248 HP 242 Def 20 Speed: Waterfall, Spikes, Haze, Pain Split -250k Tauros: Jolly: 5 31 13 23 30 31: 252 Atk 6 Def 252 Speed: Close Combat, Zen Headbutt, Return, Stone Edge - 300k You both know where to find me!
  4. Poor again, need money, buy my comps IGN: Havsha OU: NU: Untiered, but still loved:
  5. I don't really care either way, sure counter-teaming requires certain levels of skill, but so does team building for a blind match up (Literally pure team building). At least this way the person who doesn't have a team to scout for them isn't placed on their back foot.
  6. Personally, I'd love some pride cosmetics, not much of an artist, but should be a fairly simple design to do! Item Slot: Top? Image of Item: Err there's a bunch, and I'm not creative enough to put them onto a vanity, but have fun! https://www.pride.com/pride/2018/6/13/complete-guide-uguu-pride-flags-0#media-gallery-media-1
  7. I mean I can see how that can push conk to uber offensive, but that being said draco meteor was withheld from hydreigon for the same reason, now it seems the complex bans are being ended(?) if conk is the only real concern holding knock off back from being banned isnt that kinda like a complex nerf? I suppose the outrage nerf is the same thing, but tbh im game for outrage to get buffed since it allows steels to check chomp better.
  8. So I've heard the argument before that without megas, z-crystals that knock off would be "busted". Personally I dont buy it, gen 8 has been out for a while now, we've experienced buffed knock off without megas and z-crystals and its not some super overpowered move that breaks the games balance. We dont have fairies yet so knock off might make dark types too strong? Not really, as steel still resists dark in this meta (assuming it would be too powerful without fairy resist, if that was updated in this update be sure to let me know) I'd like to see at the very least a discussion and hear reasons why knock off would be busted. People feel free to show me the calcs. Oh and if I just jumped the gun, and assumed your response was that argument, I apologies, I can be a dummy at times
  9. Not gonna respond to everything, because I don't really want to get too involved in this debate (Yes I know I already have gosh, im a hypocrite), since I don't really see myself being on either side, rather more as one of the voters people want to persuade to flip flop. But I will say I dont care about purity or tradition, I just dont want psl to clutch onto showdown tiers because "tradition". The burden isnt solely on "purists" to persuade you that psl should let go of showdown tiers, nor is it solely on "traditionalists" to persuade the voters that we ought to keep it in psl, its on both side to persuade the people e. for real though I dont think Ill respond to anything else, but feel free to quote me to make points and stuff e.2. clarified my thoughts a little I think
  10. I feel like I struck a nerve, that was never my intent, I just want a psl where we use all pokemmo tiers, because I believe that would look the most competitive overall. Would I be right about that? Meh juries out, but last wc really persuaded me against showdown tiers, I mean I hadnt touched SMOU for about a year and I went 4-1. Pretty much the major reason I voted for no pokemmo tiers, none of the arguments people posted in this thread in favour of showdown tiers persuaded me otherwise, but I'm open to continue listening. But if people are going to suggest we play vgc or some other showdown tier where the limited pool of players we have that play it are even further reduced, then it seems like the competitiveness of the tier is just gonna be trash, except for maybe one game where the two people who actually play the tier face off. Its not that im a mmo-purist, I just dont think we owe spl anything (as someone suggested earlier in this thread) nor do I think we benefit from showdown tiers(re:uncompetitive) But like I said, if you or anyone else who believe we should have showdown is able to convince me otherwise, then go for it.
  11. No showdown won twice, pretty clear the majority of us want to at least try an event without catering to it. If the we shall be smited for forsaking the spl founders we can always offer the hosts to appease the showdown gods
  12. Thats fair, I mean in this previous WC we saw this a fair bit, however the skill gap in showdown tiers has always been larger and far more noticeable than in MMO tiers. I understand, the season I was manager I bought Sweet for DPP and basically had a guaranteed win EVERY week, sure this isnt necessarily something unique to showdown tiers, however in a tier that lacks the same number of people (MMO players) in the player base it becomes a lot more noticeable, and one or two players completely dominate the tier, whilst others (whilst sure getting better as the season goes on) only reach the point of understanding that hey maybe I cant burn that tapu fini when the terrain is up after a few weeks has gone by. It also becomes difficult in trying to get the better players that can teach the new ones in a showdown tier, since if you get a player whos good at the showdown tier, you may as well just run the good player and get a free win each week. Quite honestly I've seen 3 types of teams in psls: 1. The team that does this, work together to get better, and its great. 2. The team that is mostly quiet and just there to play their games each week. 3. The team that gets one or two players to coach everyone, and when you have players who dont understand these showdown tiers (though again I understand not exclusive to showdown, just more common due to the things I mentioned above) coaching becomes more common. tl;dr: The lack of mmo playerbase and understanding in these showdown tiers lead to larger skill gaps, lower quality games. Managers who buy the few good showdown players are almost guaranteed a win each week, getting better and improving on a showdown tier relies heavily on having a good showdown player to begin with (we've reached a circle) and tiers like showdown (of course not exclusively showdown) tend to be tiers that have the most coaching/ghosting, especially when the top showdown players are also top mmo players. Oh boy that was a longer response than I intended, I do see your point though, these concerns and issues to exist within all the tiers, they just seemed to be magnified in showdown tiers
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