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  4. me vs spaint 10 mins e: https://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-gen7ou-1306118646-3pik5hrsjj4dcseyftcnpl4hm0of6ahpw
  5. Posting it here for peeps that didn’t see it on the discord. Figured I should let yall know why I’m stepping down, due to some personal reasons my mental health isn’t in the best spot right now, so I figured it wasn’t fair for myself and my team to manage right now seeing as I wouldn’t be able to give it my all. So, sorry if anyone was excited that I got a spot, and good luck to all the other managers, it should be a very exciting season, I’ll be rooting from the side-lines! Take care of yourselves out there
  6. More people would start playing LC if they knew there was a matchmaking they could actually play in. I know this because I am people.
  7. So there would be a lot of calcs to do if you wanted a full understanding of the impact, but I ran a few (at level 100 because im a dummy, and for steels I just replaced steel typing with fairy to simulate the resistances) I do also know that there are plenty of thinks im not accounting for, Im mostly just sharing this for the sake of continuing the discussion tl'dr: Knock off buff doesnt seem to be broken for anyone else besides conk, meta can evolve to even further reduce the threat with the inclusion of colbur berries etc. Im also bad at calcs
  8. I may be wrong/bias here, but as far as Im aware a lot of the powercreep thats happened over the last few gens was largely reverted to a large extent through the infamous dexxit, with monsters, before the last dlc, people were running spdef clefables, meaning the main knock off resist didnt even have to run max def (but yeah clef does at least resist it even as a fairy, so I understand its not the best example) Im not a gen 8 expert, but besides clef the only real mechanic pokemon thats been added from gen 5 to gen 8 that as prominent in the gen 8 ou meta game that helps with knock off is regen toxapex, which is just a whole different bag of worms, but sure maybe thats enough defensive boost to make your point? But even then the power creep would work both offensively and defensively, with thinks like adapt crawdaunt, or urshifu. Even with powerhouses like those hanging around I have yet to see a single person complain knock off is broken. Again, Im not saying knock off wont be good, it will be, but I dont think it will be broken, and tbh I kinda think its a good think to have, it can certainly disrupt some of the concerns people are having with screen teams and stuff. (not saying its a screen counter, just that removing light clay helps a lot). All im saying is I feel like a lot of people are panicking over knock off being some insane powerful breaking move, when I really dont think that will be the case, I'll see if I can run a through calcs so I can see if this panic is justified, or if im just naive To be honest, the only pokemon that can get away with running knock off right now are support mons, to give up a slot on your offensive mons to run a base 20 move is a joke, especially seeing as one of the major drawbacks of offensive mons can be their 4 moveslot syndrome. I can see why knock off conk is scary, but I dont see mienshao suddenly getting access to knock off as being super powerful and something to fear. Oh and one final remark on the lack of z-crystals and megas, if you really think that theyre the only reason knock off didnt break the game, just run a mon with an item, and use it as your designated knock off target, not saying its the best a good strat, but there are ways to mitigate that knock off dmg increase without z-crystals and megas
  9. They would likely remove knock off from Conk (at least in competitive) like they did with draco on hydreigon
  10. Thats fair, that being said the current competitive scenes that are most active(I understand people do play older gens still, just less active) is one of the generations in which knock off is buffed. Not just on showdown, but wifi battles. Meaning there are more resources that are readily available for players to learn it. Also seeing as we have updated movepools to gen 8 movepools, it would make sense that we continue to update our mechanics to match it, which is something we've already begun to do with weather, speed boost taking place immediately, etc. I understand MMO will always have a unique metagame with unique mechanics, but we can still attempt to lessen the divide by updating these old mechanics too
  11. This might have a chance of being valid if it weren't for the fact we've had gen 8 for a good while now, it doesn't have megas or z-crystals, and you know what? knock off isn't broken there, good? Sure, no where near ban worthy. The only argument ive heard so far that seems "valid" for keeping a nerfed knock off is that Conk becomes a monster with it, but since we're going down a path of complex bans/modification to pokemon that should not be an issue. Since its another argument I hear often "We dont have fairies" I will say that we probably dont even need fairies in mmo to balance knock off, seeing as steal resist dark here. But even if it didn't Im not convinced that fairies are the things that keep knock off balanced, and not the fact that knock off just isnt a broken move To more closely align MMO mechanics to pokemon mechanics, thus allowing newer players to learn and develop in this community better
  12. I'm not going to get involved about whether or not Chomp was banworthy, but its not exactly fair to say GB hasn't given any explanations for his stance. This is just ONE of his many arguements, and Im pretty sure its longer than my dissertation
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