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  1. Yup , I agree about that people are not aware about commands in the game so a menu would be much better but think from the developers perspective , a command will be much more easier to put into the game than a menu, menu will take much more programming than simply adding a command. But still great idea :D Thanks for checking this out , I appreciate
  2. Well , I already mentioned that it's not that important but could be a good idea for later updates :) But thank you for checking it out :D
  3. Yup, but wouldn't a command for this be much more better :) It surely shouldn't get much priority since its not something that's too much important for the game but it still could be a good thing for upcoming updates. Hunting karps or dittos and feel to do the gyms , stay at the place , type a command and poof! You get the cooldown. It's just for making it lil bit easier and faster for us so I don't guess there is any problem with it. But still , thanks for your opinion :)
  4. Yup , this would be a good idea too , but adding a command will save time much more time ;)
  5. One of the greatest problem that trainers face while playing the game and farming money is that they can't remember if the cooldown for gym rebattles has been done or still sometime is left for it, it's annoying if you activate the amulet for gym reruns and when you talk to the leader , he wish us all the best for our journey and we waste too much time on flying to other city/town and changing regions. In the worst case , all the gyms still got cooldown and the player have to logout so that he don't waste the amulet. So , what I wanna suggest that the developers could come up with a command for knowing how much time is left in the cooldown for specific gyms. For example , a code like /cooldown g1r1 (g stands for gym and r stands for region) will tell us the cooldown time left for Brock the first gym leader in kanto (the first region) Don't know if this suggestion is already given , Please ignore if repeated :)
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