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  1. I'm not saying having a good matchup is 0% or 100% needed to win. Its just another factor of the game, as playing and rng are as well. Like I said before, regardless of matchup you still need to play correctly if you're facing a good opponent. Its not about relying on it, but as good as one team may be, it will always have weaknesses, sometime you will get into a complicated MU and there's nothing you can do about it (I'm just talking of matchup here, in game if you play better you can manage to win). I also believe that chosing the best team for the occasion has merits, so what kind of brack
  2. If scouting is a relevant skill then having it every round would make tournaments more interesting, no? True, but like Nik said, thats not really a competitive argument. Best solution would be having more metods of getting those resources imo. I agree hardcore fishing for matchup can be lame but I don't think we should have this system just because some people don't know how to exploit weaknesses and still having a decent team overall. Besides, counterteaming isn't even necessary. You can have a few prebuilts teams and do fine. And for the copying tea
  3. You have to play your best, no matter if you have a good or bad matchup, that "just get good" argument is irrelevant. I didn't mean that its completely necessary to have a perfect matchup to win but XelaKebert said that I can make a good counterteam team thinking in 6 different opp that cover most part of them, and thats just dumb. I've already given my reasons why I don't like blind brackets so stop saying that I want it gone because I'm not good at playing.
  4. You've been saying scout is lame and should be prevented. Then for you events like psl where its impossible to prevent scout aren't as good as playing ladder or current automated tournaments, right? What? How does it? nobody does that? lol. If you can predict what your opp is gonna use it makes it easier to use less used mons or unconventional sets, that's my entire point... Unless those 6 opponents use something really similar there's no way you can have a good matchup against all of them lmao. Do you even play competitive? its a genuine quest
  5. I guess psl and pretty much every other big competitive event suck then cuz they all have scout. This would be true with scout allowed, if someone is able to win a tour with only one team even tho they could counterteam it then yes, it would be a very skilled player, but it doesn't mean much with blind brackets. Its not about testing a team what I'm saying, knowing what your opponent may use leaves room for creativity, use things that are not as good overall but against that person could do well. If you don't know what you're going to play against then best option
  6. Yes, it makes it easier for them. thats the problem. Scouting is another layer of difficulty and if you take that it makes tournaments cheaper. Huh? A real skilled player is able to have a variety of solid builds. If he's only capable of playing well with one team then he's not that good. I know but like I said, no one has idea of what they're gonna face so people tend to run more commons builds that cover most threats, and seing those kind of teams every round is boring imo. If scout was allowed we could see more creative strats that are not as consistent against cer
  7. Most teams I see in tours nowadays are replicas from other builds. Do people who can't build for themselves deserve to be rewarded? Because thats what this type of brackets does. You can just copy one team and be able to win. I don't find entertaining playing in a system that feels pretty much the same than ladder. There will always be uneven matchups, thing is, you get a say in that if you know what your opponent may use, and for that you need to predict, there's no luck in that. If the winner knew exactly what was his opponent going to use and he brought a good build to beat it,
  8. I don't think it would be that hard for a new player. I mean, current system is pretty much winning games like if it was ladder till semifinals lol, there's no much science in that. They may struggle a bit in officials at the beginning yes, but if they want to improve I believe they would get better in a short period of time. I disaggre. There is more skill in bringing the best team for the occasion rather than just blindly spaming one. You can't strictly counter-team a player because your opponent can scout what you've been using and they're able to change teams.
  9. I don't know if this is possible but I wouldn't mind community combats keep this kind of bracket so that newer players/ players who don't have much time to grind have a better chance of winning, and therefore they'd be more prepared for officials. But please, officials are boring af now, at least for me and I'm sure a lot of people feel the same. Just bring old system back, you had no need to change it in the first place.
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