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  1. Its easy to counter one particular team, sure, but let's say you're playing finals or semifinals and your opponent has run all kind of archetypes, constantly changing his mons. How do you know what he's gonna use now? you have to look what he uses the most and find the weaker spots , while knowing that he will try to do the same.There a few factors playing here that this new system just wipes out. Like it was stated before, now ppl will just run one team they believe will cover the most, making tournaments way more monotone and boring.
  2. World Cup isn't the best example, since you can't actually pick players, you gotta play with the ones you have, and most countries didn't have showdown players. People who sucked at SM were just plain bad (in showdown and mmo) and/or had 0 interest in improving. None of this should happen in PSL, as long as managers do good drafts
  3. Mandibuzz gone does make that team stronger overall, since it can also counter scrafty, linoone and venomoth depending on the set.
  4. Belgium 0 - 0 Mexico Ou - Jaawax VS WallsLife @Sebat LC - Stelian VS Baneadito @Sebat Columbia A 0 -0 Shame Argentina A UU - Yaritan VS Souu @TiToooo Doubles - IJulianFNT Vs Titoooo @DrakeHope SMOU - Zeldris VS LKrenz 200k each, only one take per bet. Void if sub/disconnect
  5. Well, I don't think this is the first time hannah plays psl or wc either, correct me if i'm wrong. As a player in general, sure, but I don't see how that gives him more credits. Guillex carried our team in a format that isn't even his favorite, but we didn't have another player willing to play dubs. Anyway, I wasn't trying to say Zigh doesn't deserve the award, what bothers me is that I feel Guille wasn't even considered
  6. I was told by a lot of people that it was about best debut. You have a point, that's for sure, I just wanted the host to clarify it instead of getting defensive
  7. I meant im not complaining just for the sake of it, its not like I win anything arguing with you lol. I know you won't change shit. Ok, you knew guillex was 5-0. So, why you didn't even mention him? is there a clear reason why Zigh had a better season that i'm not seeing? You think hannah deserved it over kirito, who had a better score, fine. Explain why, its the only thing i'm asking to Answer the question
  8. isnt this award given to the best player in his debut season? because if that's the case, this is 1st kirito world cup, and he has a better score than hannah. this isn't about complain, its just frustrating how some players make a great season and you host don't even acknowledge. Same thing happened with Guillex, he went 5-0 this season in dubs(same record than Zigh), and the only thing said to explain why Zigh won was "More 5-0 players lo."
  9. @LKrenz owes me 100k(paid) @DarylDixon owes me 200k @Kaitha owes me 100k I owe @aZaz07 200k (paid) IGN: tMoi
  10. Belgium 0 - 0 China A Doubles - IMat VS bfu SMOU - LLLLiolae VS Starmind Mexico 0 - 0 Peru B NU - MexiDany VS ZDFire Spain 0 - 0 Columbia A SMOU - Jorgefirebolt VS Zeldris Rest of Asia 0 - 0 Argentina A Doubles - InuYashaL VS GasaiYunoSan 200k each one, voit if sub/disconnect
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