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  1. Ign: TsceptileT Country: Chile Tiers: OU Discord: Arclinker (アルクリンケル) #1733
  2. Team Name: Las Babositas(Team A Past) Players: MathewGG, Clayclover(c), RohMartinez, Personajexx, Velociraptorl, Danieldios, Devilongo, Rickypoke, Diositoslurpuff, Aldahirramirez. Sub: DarkarArtz, PoisonAbben. Cheerladers: Teaar, Alenoobxd, Rebeccaxx, TheKingBK, Fibraxxxx.
  3. IGN: Personajexx Reason: I have seen the psl many times and I would like to participate in it and fight with the strongest in the game. Tier: Doubles. competitive accolades: I have been top for a long time (2-10) until I stop ranking due to some problems, I also had a good position in the official tournaments in which I have participated :). Discord: Perso#8476
  4. Team Name: ShadowOfThePast Team Tag: Pâst Registered Players: aldahirramirez, Hernjet, harlamgamer, Fibraxxxx, MathewGG, JakiroMax, StoKesAR, EverJr, VelociraptorL, Iuisito, robertramirez, Joelxc, DarkarArtz, waltersot, Devilongo. Captain Team: aldahirramirez
  5. IGN:Personajexx Metagross Garchomp Chandelure Rotom-wash Togekiss Hitmontop
  6. IGN:Personajexx Country:Argentina Tiers:NU
  7. IGN:Personajexx Country:Argentina Tiers:NU
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