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  1. Team name: GG Tag Team: PR Registered players: zAnderson, pollitoblack, Killua, Dreico, JamesFaul and xLuneth. Team Captain: zAnderson.
  2. Doubles - Jamesfaul VS Crisscy 25 min
  3. Me vs gasaiyunosan in 15 min
  4. Team mame:GG Team tag: past/vgc Registered players: Jakiromax, fribaxxx, thuxss, aldahirramirez, robertramirez, teaar,AlejandroGB, XondeX, Skillexx, jamesfaul,Xshandow Team captain: Skillexx
  5. ING :JamesFaul Country: Colombia Tiers: OU NU DUBS LC
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