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  1. Team Name: läva Team Tag: läva Registered Players: Kriliin, Endiii, Lactosoid, PoseidonWrath, Kamowanthere, Baneadito, Wally, Trelos, Repposh, Altizz, LimbowRed, ChronoRike, Edwardinho, Retremos, Wallarro, Takens, Getovaherez, xSpunk, RohMartinez, ItsGray Captain: PoseidonWrath
  2. Alright I'd like to start this by saying I've had this team done for like 4 days but I've been too lazy to post it. Final version: https://pokepast.es/e84554046b81e2bb So I chose a sub-punch breloom set, because it can easily destroy teams if the opponent has no real answer to it. (like cofagrigus) The evs are to outspeed a jolly tyranitar, even though it's not too common to see in OU, ev'ing to outspeed it would give a lot of certaincy in your own predicts. This helps to gain momentum in your matches. You could also run an adamant set if you prefer that. When I was told to build with breloom, starmie was the first thing on my mind. The 2 are a great offensive combo, with really well matching typings. I chose hidden power fire for the potential scizors. Scizor can be annoying for this team with uturn spam, because our physical wall gets hit quite hard by stealthrocks, but would also be forced out due to the opponents pokemon coming in through uturn. Getting trapped by a scizor with pursuit would ofcourse be a catastophy. This also helps with ferrothorns which this team can struggle with if you dont get a chance to get a substitute up with breloom. As for the item, I chose expert belt because it gives a bonus of extra damage, while not taking your hp, this item also pairs with his great coverage. I chose psychic over psyshock for any bulk up conkeldurrs out there, which would otherwise cause trouble. It's ev'd to outspeed gengar, and put the remaining evs in hp. As for spdef tanks, I chose hippowdon and rotom-wash. I chose hippowdon because I'd seen endiii use it before, as well as it being a nice answer to volcaronas. The added benefit of also being able to get stealth rocks makes him an important member of the team. For rotom-wash, I picked it because I would struggle with rain, but then again, rain is never super hard to beat since most good people dont use it. This + breloom should be able to handle rain matchups just fine. Rotom is also a nice help for mixed garchomps, as they usually run EQ, flamethrower/fire blast and dmeteor. My physical wall is mandibuzz. I chose it because it is definitely an underrated pokemon in OU. It's a good wall for breloom, and other big physical threats in the tier such as scizor. It also learns defog which was needed in the team. Last pokemon, metagross. I chose metagross because in previous versions of the team I struggled with weavile a lot, this takes care of it as well as give this team some more speedcontrol. Its ev'd to outspeed a garchomp. Previous versions of the team, incase you're curious; Version 1: https://pokepast.es/9246402acabea7fd Version 2: https://pokepast.es/d2cd4553584cc1d8
  3. IGN: KevinDaPokeTrain Country: Netherlands Tiers: OU, UU, (NU but barely) Notes: Eens met ThinkNicer, patat > friet Discord: KevinTenHove#3382
  4. https://pokepast.es/ce45ed4091fa93ca So this is my team. I picked weavile cause I liked it the most out of all 4, except alakazam but I already had a team with him. (Sorry gligar, too basic) General: All pokemon have odd hp stats at lvl 50, for maximum hp usage. Team explanation: Weavile: So for weavile I chose a banded set, with its amazing speed and attack it can cause a lot of damage and chaos in the tier, outspeeding a lot and doing good damage to a lot of walls in the tier. For the walls he struggles with, such as bronzong, i added other stuff into the team like rotom-heat. Empoleon: Empoleon is an insanely strong pokemon with a great winrate in UU, but personally I haven't actually used it. It makes a great spdef wall and gets both defog and stealth rock, which this team otherwise lacks. With its evs it outspeeds neutral 65 base stat pokemon, like umbreon and vaporeon, whilst still being very specially tanky for stuff like porygon-z. Also with these evs, since its spdef is higher than its defense, it will give an attack raise to porygons with dowload. Rotom-Heat: Like I said earlier, weavile struggles with certain walls in UU like forretress and bronzong, I added rotom-heat for these so I could provide even more offensive pressure. I also gave it trick to make other walls, which rely on the use of recovery moves to function(rest/painsplit dusclops - wish vaporeon etc.), practically obsolete. With these evs it outspeeds a potential scarfed mamoswine by 1 point, while still maintaining maximum offensive capabilities. Also it will give an attack raise to download porygons coming into it. Tangrowth: So in my opinion tangrowth is really a good pokemon, sure with HAs it's amazing but even without regenerator it is good. Amazing physical bulk which is primarily what I use it for. It also has knock off which can be great vs pokemon which may want to come in against it (potentially specs pz, or eviolite porygon2). Leech seed also provides a bit more healing for the other pokemon in the team if I decide to switch tangrowth out. Sleep powder is great general support against any annoying pokemon that potentially want to swap into it, it works great against both walls and sweepers. Golurk: When I was teambuilding with weavile a problem I always struggled with was its fighting weakness, so I obviously needed a resist/immunity. I could've used something like dusclops or spiritomb but I wanted something a little more offensive. With these evs it lives a crunch from krookodile, outspeeds neutral speed base 65 pokemon (like vaporeon and umbreon) and gives an attack raise to any pokemon with download coming in against it. Drain punch has a 95% chance to OHKO the normal krookodiles. Some people might say LO + substitute is bad, which often it is, but because of iron fist + drain punch golurk actually gets a lot of recovery. Crobat: At this point in the teambuild i was nearly done teambuilding, but noticed heracross did really well against me. I chose to add a bulky crobat because of this. The evs allow it to outspeed max speed jolly base 100 pokemon, thus also providing offensive pressure to stuff like heracross. Also the toxic support is really nice incase we struggle with a pokemon walling the team. It's a huge help to physical attackers, providing great pressure against things like medicham and heracross. It can also come in pretty nicely against an overheat from a rotom-heat. Main threat against the team: Rotom-Heat. It is a really tough mon to wall with this team, so don't try to do that. Your goal is to beat it offensively or it will just keep pivoting against your team. Your main pokemon to do this with it golurk, if you get a substitute up, you will do great against it. If its max speed and hp you 3hko, otherwise its a 2hko (with drain punch). You also wouldnt die from overheat with the recovery from drain punch in combination with the special attack drops. Teambuilding process: Version 1 of the team: https://pokepast.es/2bff5b8ac86e3a44 This team was just very weak to krookodile as soon as torterra was defeated, which was a big problem. I wasn't super satisfied with it so I changed it fairly fast. Version 2 of the team: https://pokepast.es/20197db07da507d3 Version 2 already looked a bit better, but i didn't really like sigilyph in it and the lack of ground types, allowing rotom to freely volt switch slowly chipping down your gigalith. I was also super weak to fighting moves, which was obviously a big problem.
  5. Team Name: läva Team Tag: läva List of all players: Kriliin, PoseidonWrath, xMikasaAckerman, Endiii, Getovaherez, Baneadito, Wally, KevinDaPokeTrain, Takens, Mobuto, Retremos, Jaafri, LimbowRed, ChronoRike, ItsGray, Melikos, xSpunk, PelopobreX, Zipro, PizzaConewe Captain: PoseidonWrath
  6. https://pokepast.es/479de49bb3728d24 So mamoswine teams. When I think of mamoswine in doubles, the first thing that comes to mind is obviously the mamoswine + rotom combo. So that's what I went with. Mamoswine: A pretty normal set for mamoswine i feel like. Its main stab moves in the form of earthquake and icicle crash, with its main priority move. I also gave it protect to be able to play around your opponents better. Rotom-Wash: So, with rotom i wanted something a little bit diffefent. I chose ally switch because we can all agree, its quite broken at times. Discharge for the combo of rotom + mamoswine, and hydro pump as its main stab. Again protect to play around your opponent. This ev spread alows it to outspeed an excadrill outside of sand, while also being bulky and packing a punch. Tyranitar: I chose tyranitar because its a very strong pokemon, with this set i outspeed kingdras if tailwind is up (assuming we are in sand). Using taunt to stop potential trick room setters, but also as support against follow me pokemon. Rock slide as its main stab, being good vs a lot of viable mons in the meta. (like chandelure, togekiss, salamence etc.) The life orb allows it to OHKO most reuniclus' that are used in doubles with crunch. Chandelure: Chandelure is an obvious strong pokemon in the current metagame, being able to imprison trick room users and deal a lot of damage with shadow ball. In the team you're using chandelure to shut down trick room teams, but due to its typing it can also be really good next to the rotom-wash, cause its a really good pokemon to ally switch with. Hitmontop: In a team where your main offensive pressure is a mamoswine with earthquake and a rotom with discharge, you will likely need a mon with wide guard. I chose hitmontop because of its great movepool. With these evs you outspeed stuff like blastoise and togekiss, while with the attack and fighting gem you're able to OHKO most porygons. Salamence: So, when I was looking at my team I noticed a lack of speedcontrol, I had no TR or sand abusers. I chose tailwind on salamence because of that. Salamence was mainly chosen because of its good offensive pressure while also being able to support the team. A lot of pokemon don't want to switch into it, which gives it nice oppertunities to get up tailwind. Obvious threat: So theres an obvious threat, rain. Against rain theres one main mon you should be using. Rotom. Your main shot against beating rain teams is ally switch. Using mons who do a lot of damage like salamence or chandelure, you can kill the rain abusers while your rotom takes the hit for them. Besides that you can try and use your tyranitar to get the sand up, but most good players will likely be prepared for this.
  7. Team Name: läva Team Tag: läva Registered Players: Kriliin, Kamowanthere, PoseidonWrath, xMikasaAckerman, KingBowser Endiii, Getovaherez, Baneadito, Trelos, Takens, Mobuto, Retremos, Jaafri, Lactosoid, Rakhmaninov, NzAdam, KevinDaPokeTrain, xSpunk, ClayClover, ItsGray Captain: Kriliin
  8. Team Name: läva Team Tag: läva Registered Players: Kriliin, Kamowanthere, PoseidonWrath, Endiii, CLOPEN, Getovaherez, Baneadito, Wally, Trelos, Takens, Jaafri, Lactosoid, Rakhmaninov, HannsPizarro, LimbowRed, ChronoRike, ItsGray, ClayClover, HeroGarou, Zipro Captain: Kriliin
  9. Team Name: läva Team Tag: läva Registered Players: Getovaherez, PoseidonWrath, Baneadito, TheDH, Lactosoid, Endiii, Taystee, Mobuto, xMikasaAckerman, Kamowanthere, Kriliin, Wally, Jaafri, Retremos, ExCesar, Trelos, Rakhmaninov, KevinDaPoketrain Captain: MonkeyDMathew
  10. Team Name: läva Team Tag: läva Registered Players: Getovaherez, PoseidonWrath, Baneadito, TheDH, Leviatharian, Endiii, Taystee, Mobuto, xMikasaAckerman, MafiosoX, Kriliin, Wally, Jaafri, Retremos, ExCesar, Wallslife, Isadora, Michelxxx, KevinDaPokeTrain Captain: Kriliin
  11. Ign: KevinDaPokeTrain Tiers: OU, UU Gimme that manager
  12. Team Name: läva Team Tag: läva Registered Players: Getovaherez, Titocas, Kriliin, Chillas, PoseidonWrath, Endiii, BielDarkzin, Kamowanthere, Brianattackpro, Frimma, Baneadito, BLACKHOMEXY, HannsPizzaro, LALOCOB, NZAdam, Taystee, Largeflower, Grdzick, Eklin, xSerpereorx Captain: Kriliin
  13. Team Name: läva Team Tag: läva Registered Players: Getovaherez, Tawla, Kriliin, Superman, PoseidonWrath, Endiii, MamaWally, Kamowanthere, Brianattackpro, SnoopySteve, Baneadito, BLACKHOMEXY, HannsPizzaro, LALOCOB, Fermie, SquirrelMix, Largeflower, Grdzick, Seulang, xSerpereorx Captain: PoseidonWrath
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