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  1. Glad I won't pay you, boy, I don't owe you anything. Come down. You repeat yourself and you still don't say anything interesting and I see that you are not able to understand anything. In fact, I will not continue to answer you. Now maybe you can stop spamming the topic? I answered you out of politeness but now you can back off, ty
  2. I have made dozens of bets on the game, and have never had any problems. I have already explained the facts to you, if you are not smart enough to understand them, I regret it but it is not my fault. Daryl m'avait déjà écrit à ce sujet il y a quelques jours, l'histoire était close. Mais Zac refuse les faits, il est tebé c'est impressionnant, le pire c'est qu'il me fait perdre mon temps surtout mdr
  3. The topic had already been closed some time ago, Daryl had written to me about it and I had replied. @ZacMorales raises the subject again because he believes that crying can prove him right.
  4. Here, between the two of us, the rat that makes fuss is you. I am going to explain again what I have already explained to you, in the hope that, for once in your life, you will come to understand something. Your bet was not legitimate for several reasons, and the first and most unique of these reasons is that someone I have already named took the bet before you. That's it, have you finally managed to understand something? If you still don't, there's definitely nothing I can do for you.
  5. I don't owe anything at all. If you're not good enough to bet correctly, that's your problem, you should be on the blacklist instead. I did nothing to deserve a ban and I have always paid my debts when they were legitimate. The time you took my "so-called" bet, it had already been taken by Bearminator. Moreover, you had neither written on the English channel, nor in my private messages, while the bet was already taken. I see you have difficulty with the simple things, you are not even able to understand basic principles.
  6. Or rather, how are things going with a little logic. If you want to give me money, I'm not against it. In return, I can give you a handkerchief to wipe away your tears, if you want.
  7. I tried to explain things to you, but you don't seem to understand anything. My bet, I posted it on the English channel, if you wanted to take it you just had to post on the English channel or send me a private message. Do you think others are going to pay for your mistakes? Instead of crying, next time you'll do it right.
  8. RP are too expensive. For once they can just stop being jews and making players pay for every simples things They can just create some battle boxes for free, they already get enough cash from RP to simply make it.
  9. 6 boxes isn't even enough for one tier. it would be nice if they created new battle boxes and made them available for free, for once, fed up with paying for any minimal service.
  10. wrathend vs AurumPegasus Sunday 3pm hour of Paris
  11. wrathend vs AurumPegasus 300k Senjutsuka vs Darker 100k Chopyta vs Kriliin 100k YeyoXD vs Isperea 100k took by @isperea Cristi vs Kepzal 100k
  12. M-LC: Baneadito vs hannahtaylor 100k Doubles: iJulianFNT vs GasaiYunoSan 100k UU: Zhiko vs Umbramol 100k M-Dubs: Badbarsito vs Neblinamist 100k LC: MadaraSixSix vs XondeX 100K OU1: yosoyarca vs DylanWoodz 100K
  13. @LeJovi Almost lose ? Where ? Lmao
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