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  1. 因为这两天在做天王队所有一直在交易频找成品宝可梦,第一次禁言是有两次发消息的时候调错频道发到聊天频道,我也在频道里马上说发错了也道歉了,当时我也没在意,因为不常用频道聊天,但是之后我都是在交易频发交易信息,直到昨天晚上(2020/5/8晚—2020/5/9 03:30)左右,我还是在交易频联系其他玩家卖超辣种子,因为价格太低没谈拢,今天早上突然就禁止交易聊天和私聊了,请问原因是什么?(第一次截图图大于1.9无法上传) Because in the past two days, the Tianwang team has been trading frequently to find the finished treasure dream. The first ban was to send the wrong channel to the chat channel when there were two messages. I also immediately said in the channel that I made a mistake and apologized. At that time, I didn't care about the north wind. Because I don't use the channel to chat very often, but then I am frequently trading information until last night (2020 / 5 / 8 night-2020 / 5 / 9 03:30) I still contact other players in the transaction frequency to sell super spicy seeded, because the price is too low did not talk about, this morning suddenly banned trading chat and private chat, I would like to ask what is the reason? (The first screenshot is greater than 1.9 can not be uploaded)
  2. 在别的平台(bilibili)抽奖中的宝可梦可以领取吗?邮寄过来的会不会导致rmt封号
  3. 我公会里的朋友给我寄宝可梦结果发给了公会里另一个人怎么办,而且那个人还是被封号了
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