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  1. So cool! But how can I find a Dawn Stone on Emerald, do I have to trade for it? Also I don't want to spam thread to can I ask you here if you know why my Treecko is level 18 and didn't evolve yet? He's supposed to do so at level 16 if I'm correct. EDIT: Nvm he just did
  2. Hi, I started on Hoenn and as I opened Pokedex I noticed there were 600+ pokemon in there, does it mean I can evolve for example my Ralds to Gallade? Thanks for your replies!
  3. Oh ok, do I have to activate something to have my pokemon following me? Because I played Emerald and eveyone but me had his Pokemon behind him, me and my friend had not - we both have all roams.
  4. Hi, does someone know how I can start on Johto (I want to play HeartGold/SoulSilver, not Black/White). I have the B/W rom and the HG/SS one aswell, but I can't choose Johto on the list because there is no such option! Thanks in advance!
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