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  1. I'm mute for three hours for having said "what the ***" but we'll talk later
  2. Okok, thank you for the replies ! Usually, I don't really use entry hazards, I just like not being weak to them. (P.S. I randomly caught a shiny while playing, so I have 2.6m to buy a semi-comp team. That's why I'm asking about competitive pkmns so early in the game)
  3. It looks like one, but it's three different pics actually
  4. Hi everyone, I'm new to PokeMMO but I've been playing pokemon showdown for 1 or 2 years. I wanted to build myself a (semi) comp team, not to win tournaments but to enjoy a lil bit of pvp. I don't know the metagame very well (5G OU without Legendaries nor Hidden Abilities?), so I wanted to know if any of these teams are viable if not let me know :) Thanks
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