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  1. There were rumours about obtainable legendaries in the Dungeon update. However, I don't see this coming
  2. I don't want to be rude, but I have been waiting for 3 days Edit: I changed my mind, I will probably join another team. Have a good day and good luck
  3. Alright, My IGN is RealMak and my Discord name is RealMak's Salamence#5576
  4. Greetings there. The name's RealMak and I would like to join your team. I am playing PokeMMO for 2 years and I'm quite experient. My only questions for this team are 1) How active is it in general and 2)Does it have a Discird server Thank you for reading
  5. Let me tell you guys a story. Remember Pokemon Brick Bronze on the website Roblox? They illegally used the 3d sprites to make this successful game that made them popular among players of the community, until Nintendo sued Roblox and as a result, the game vanished from the playlist of Roblox. What my point is, forget all the Gen 6 stuff. They ain't gonna happen for these reasons
  6. 1) Honestly, they could make like a "Time Travelling" event in order for us to play in the future Kanto (if we get access to Celebi in the upcoming Dungeons). But that's just a theory 2) Or they could make it like Zekrom, where you catch the shiny but it's either a different recolour or at its shiny colour and the pokemon stays in the mother's house. But the Boss Fight would make sense as well 3) I don't really know about the apricorns but because they are an easier way to obtain rare pokeballs, they might skip it 4) Seriously? Legendary Pokemon are uncatchable in MMO besides for Mewtwo, Rayquaza and the mythicals Arceus and Keldeo, but they trigger a mini "King of the hill" event
  7. RealMak

    Johto ?

    Johto will arrive SOON
  8. Thank you so much for them @Baeex
  9. Thanks for the help. I appreciate it but what other moves do you have? Ok thanks for letting me know
  10. I have a question about Smeargle's ability to sketch other pokemon moves. I was on my way to Sketch a legendary move using Metronome, and the metronome gave me Searing Shot, one of Victini's signature moves. Instead of Searing Shot, it sketched Metronome. WHY?
  11. Noivern is cool, but unfortunately its not available in PokeMMO
  12. Not gonna lie, I don't hate the species that Kalos introduced to us, I just hate everything else ( The easy battles in the gyms/E4/Champion Diantha, The rivals, the missed opportunities (like, Korrina should have used her Mega Lucario in her gym battle, not outside). About the Mega Evolutions, I feel like its unbalanced..... a lot. Some species become broken due to their new mega evolution ( Mawile, Kangaskhan, Sableye, Salamence, Altaria, Manectric, Blaziken , Medicham and Lucario if we exclude all the legendaries that gain a mega evolution). Not only that, some pokemon deserved to get a mega but didn't (like Flygon in ORAS), making them not viable in competitive. In my personal opinion, Dynamax and Gigantimax is more balanced than Mega evolutions as all pokemon have access to it
  13. Gilvali (AKA Glaceon) can be obtained in Kanto (you just have to Seafoam Island and find the Ice rock, just like @Akshit said
  14. You can get Espeon (Mentali) and Umbreon (Noctali) while you train your Eevee (Evoli) in the grass patches for the Friendship As for Glaceon (Givrali), you have to wait until the 6-7th gym
  15. Hello, Welcome to PokeMMO. If you have any questions, we are here to nawser them
  16. Hello Tim. Welcome to PokeMMO. If you have any questions, we are here to anwser them
  17. It is discussed that legendaries will probably be obtainable in the Dungeons
  18. Simply, don't. A light Ball Pikachu is better than Raichu
  19. Okay, here's why I disagree on the whole Gen 6 stuff: •X and Y is probably my least favourite games, due to its difficulty (being easier than Hoenn) because you have access to some amazing pokemon early, like Mega Lucario and the Kanto Starter •Since its the worst gamewise, let's compare it to the recent generation. Sword and Shield has tougher gym leaders (with full teams) and a tougher champion compared to X and Y. •Some species are actually forgetable, like Avalugg •The only reason why everyone loves XY is because of the Anime, not the main games (which also happens to be the only reason why XY characters like Serena and Greninja became popular) Lets get back to your suggestion. Implementing 90 new species require a lot of coding and there are no animated gen 6 sprites (in the classic gen 5 style)
  20. Let me remind to you both that I have watched streams and videos of people who successfully defeated the original Hoenn region with just Mudkip, Ditto and even Shedinja. Also I do know that PokeMMO's Hoenn is a little bit tougher but that doesn't mean that the challenge is impossible to finish. Yes, Smeargle is quite bad, but with the correct strategies and timing, @Bobbi can do the Smeargle run. Even if he loses in the E4, at least he has defeated the gym leaders
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