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  1. Hello and Welcome to the community. If you have any questions, you can ask freely with no limits. Have fun playing!
  2. You can't. Cherrim's alt form cannot be in the pokedex. The same thing goes with Rotom's forms too
  3. What a funny joke! Here's a cookie
  4. start the app, make your account, create a character and finally play
  5. Welcome to the forums of PokeMMO. If you have any questions, feel free to ask
  6. Hello SonOfAnubis My suggestion is a Mixed Garchomp (Draco Meteor, Fire Blast, Earthquake, Outrage) holding a choice scarf
  7. Grindy or not, these are some recommended stuff that you should try out. You need to learn that grinding is important in MMOrpgs, as you won't be given what you want easily. If you don't want to grind, then I suggest you to do something else like read a book, or watch TV, or perhaps communicate with your friends
  8. The Bug catching contests are Johto exclusive events and we still don't have Johto. As for Pokemon Contests, you can visit Hoenn. Also there are a lot of stuff that you can do such as: 1) Money Farming 2) Berry Farming 3) Item farming with the Pickup or Frisk methods 4) Battle Frontier of Hoenn 5) Building your own base in Hoenn 6) Join a Club for events and to make friends 7) Hosting your own event 8) Make your own team/Club 9) Catch breeders and sell them in GTL 10) Create your own competitive pokemon 11) Test your teams in Gym Rematche
  9. Don't forget what Gen 6 brought to us (Fairy typing, Mega evolutions, new competitive items such as Assault Vest).
  10. RealMak


    Welcome to PokeMMO. If you have any questions, don't be shy, just ask
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