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  1. woops I was wondering why I was spelling it wrong despite it being RIGHT in front of me, reminds me of people with Kelarrs name
  2.   Already comforting, sorry.  Have to be quicker than that Murio
  3. What about mine, a 10/10 right     [spoiler]forever waiting for that right signature to come along[/spoiler]
  4. You just caught me off guard, i wasn't expecting it
  5. Can't stop laughing at this last page
  6. Yeah, think about all the other losers feelings when she picks me, thats not nice
  7. I don't normally partake in this but with all the forums dead and marley not around
  8. on friends list before thinknice
  9. can I be in your friends list
  10. Can I have your website thinknice
  11. Sorry she needs someone that will give her more attention than you are able to, I was here.
  12.   oh, they are giving her lots of chances
  13.   the one i saw was a chick with a dick   literally
  14. The love of my life MarleyRose was among them
  15. Don't worry I'm on this.  Already linked her to it elsewhere
  16.     ahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahah
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