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  1. AI does not know about illusion yet no, so no you aren't fooling the NPCs and never were.
  2. We will not be using romhacks to add custom content in PokeMMO, no.
  3. Please provide English translations to your threads and name your threads to appropriately match the suggestion in the future.
  4. Munya


    You can't get 7-8 levels higher than gyms in PokeMMO due to our level caps, on top of that, as the above user has stated, as long as you aren't using a team of pokemon completely weak to a gym, they are all beatable.
  5. Good riddance. I personally think it is about time. So much salt on the internet about it though, hilarious to read as someone entirely in favor of this move. I hope they don't flop on this decision but if they do, I hope I don't act like the people I have seen complaining about it.
  6. Again though ball rates are not the core catch rate formula, they are seperate things, fixing the catch rate formula and the ball rates being different from vanilla are two entirely seperate things, one is a small piece to the formula, the other is the actual thing as a whole.
  7. I don't recall pointing towards an update about ball rates, but afaik, several of them have not had a vanilla modifier for quite some time now so if it was me, or someone else did, the update log is probably correct.
  8. No, he was simply referring to buying vanities/ocarinas/donator tickets, whatever is the most valuable right now and selling them for in game currency then buying an already bred Tauros or the stuff to breed it with. its one of the more difficult species to breed due to being Male only, pretty much stuck breeding it with ditto where all the genderless species we have changed to be able to breed amongst themselves.
  9. Munya

    Vote for sinnoh

    This doesn't need a suggestion, its coming eventually.
  10. What was broken was broken since say one apparently and I was wrong about remembering things in '12 and before hoenn differently, ditto apparently used what it transformed intos catch rate or something along those lines and I was using ditto as a baseline for my memories not being aware of that, or so I'm told. So the things were right then broke before being fixed again now post from myself was incorrect, they were always broke.
  11. Thats because follower sprites don't exist in the base game for those pokemon, if you want to have those followers you will need to use a follower mod such as
  12. They aren't exclusive, catch rates were broken, some ball rates were modified.
  13. I was confused mainly because the OP sounded like it worked one way for the PC user currently than it does for the Android user, which isn't the case. Anyways its planned eventually but our team system requires a significant rework afaik due to us currently not having proper party swapping mechanics yet.
  14. I'm not sure what you mean, they are?
  15. It was broken, however, we weren't aware that it was at the time, and since we weren't, we couldn't exactly inform anybody that there was a fix in the works - bugs don't just present themselves they have to be found out first. As for the formula, from what I can tell and know of, matoka is right that it uses a gen 3/4 catch formula, but as he has also said the ball rates are modified here so using the vanilla ball rates in the formula may not net you accurate results - there are plans for in the future including ball rates in the tooltips though.
  16. Catch rates now are actually what they were in 2012, they were broken around the time of hoenns release. If not working, closer to what it is now, ditto and things in general used to be a lot harder to catch than they were during the extremely broken easy catch rate time.
  17. Please use event suggestions & feedback for event related suggestions. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/14180-event-suggestions-feedback/
  18. Loading SS/hg does this already afaik
  19. Alright, I think it's time for this thread to be closed given it was answered and the direction it's going is nowhere good
  20. We will not be changing how typings work, rock is not immune to electric, ground is, most rock types are just also ground types. I would suggest keeping on hand if you are having troubles with typings, as I sometimes admittedly do myself, the in game attack screen also displays effectiveness on the moves to further help you out.
  21. This should indeed go in the vanity suggestion thread located here: Since this would essentially be another bicycle skin.
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