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  1. Have to install little busters to download the soundtrack, going to do that anyways eventually but annoyed still. I paid for them separately I should be able to dl the soundtrack separately.
  2. Join me in having Dango avatars to show that we are all one happy Big Dango Family

  3. Finally tackling the clannad VN's and then Little Busters after. Nagisa is secretly the best girl in the series. From what little I've read so far the anime just as usual does not hold a candle to the source material.
  4. Sure, bestfriends could deliver. Think of it as a seat warmer.
  5. please cover up those nipples, this is a pg forum
  6. This is what my avatar has been for like 2 months now
  7. Clearly bestfriends is winning in the polls with 365+ votes
  8. There was never any doubt in my mind that bestfriends was going to win in the end.
  9. Did anyone even consult the members of staff able to assign roles to see if this was even going to be changed?
  10. Nah that hasn't changed.
  11. Hannah is correct, you -could- play without fire red and emerald but you wouldn't be able to access either of those regions, you would be stuck in Unova.
  12. One term per released region, so bestfriends still has 2 more available terms
  13. Please use the vanity suggestion thread for vanity related suggestions.
  14. Its literally a way to remove staff judgement in the case of what happened in that lottery, when you buy raffle tickets you know what you are purchasing into and as far as I can tell, the lack of staff intervention it will require as far as judgments go is a good thing as there can't really be any controversy behind it as you knew the rules from the getgo.
  15. The sky is where my thoughts are, and the water is where my heart is.  My dreams are somewhere in between.

  16. Maybe I'll look and find the weirdest looking series nobody will watch and watch it.
  17. I don't know - that would be up to Kyu in this case probably.
  18. You can buy all the coins you need for items now, its just a glorified shop. I don't see the point in giving it anything more than it has.
  19. I'm of the opinion we should never have dictated the sell price by giving them actual sell value to NPCs and let the actual supply/players determine the value of the time and cost they put into growing them.
  20. AI does not know about illusion yet no, so no you aren't fooling the NPCs and never were.
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