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  1. In your clients directory on your PC there is a folder called logs, inside that is a text document that is called Console, open it and copy paste it.
  2. There have been a few reports of this, could you please make a post in the bug reports section and include your console log? https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/11-bug-report/
  3. Correct, it would currently be impossible to.
  4. Legionaries aren't required, the fossils one should be fixed next update.
  5. No, pokemon in the daycare will not receive extra experience while holding an exp share if that is what you are asking.
  6. Exp share doesn't create experience though, it splits experience you are already getting amongst holders of the exp share. You also sacrifice a slot(or more) in your party to take advantage of it. If you use both daycare slots(or all 3 if in kanto), you are creating 40-60% more experience than you would otherwise be getting which is pretty close to being as much as an exp share would give to the pokemon not actually battling.
  7. Special announcement: All fully evolved or single form pokemon added with the addition of Sinnoh have been placed in OU for the time being for those that did not read the prior post I made in the discussion thread. Also Baton pass is now unbanned from all tiers, enjoy.
  8. Correct, you just need the badge required for it, and in some cases the HM(item, not moved learned on a pokemon) associated with it.
  9. With the addition of Sinnoh, Misd gains access to Nasty Plot, and with it already seemingly being an issue is this going to make it even more of one?
  10. I don't think they will, anymore than they could have had we preemptively tiered them. If they get enough usage in OU to stay, they would have gotten enough to rise. And if the mon isn't good there, they will only be hurting themselves and the interest should/will drop off.
  11. With Sinnoh imminent, I will be dropping all fully evolved or single form pokemon in OU, from there, starting with usage at the end of February they will be able to drop/rise normally with Usage. We will be forgoing January usage movements, at the very least for OU since that is where everything is dropping. I would also like for the next 2 months to use old usage cutoff points(4.36% to rise AND fall), to help things situate faster. If anyone has any complaints or input, feel free to do so here. We are trying to avoid preemptively tiering like we did with Unovas release.
  12. Assuming I didn't take it before the tournament concluded, Don't believe I did, this is the usage from tonights NU CC.
  13. People who obtained these items did so with the understanding they were limited time, making them tradeable would be basically taking away something they earned from them by playing at that time and accomplishing what they did.
  14. woops, forgot to check for tournaments, legit my mistake, usually do
  15. OU from UU: Porygon2 - Usage based movement, above the 4.36% cutoff percent to move up to OU. NU from UU: Roserade - Below 4.36% in UU, we will be monitoring this change as we are very aware it could be problematic Venusaur - Below 4.36% in UU Gigalith - Below 4.36% in UU Banned to BL2 from NU: Durant - Durant's power/speed stats and general coverage moves allows it to OHKO everything that outspeeds it and 2HKO pretty much any wall not named Poliwarth, which lacks instant recovery. It suffers from 4mss and is taking back because of hustle miss chance, but overall it remains an overwhelming threat that NU can barely handle currently. Durant defensive type is great and insures that it will be able to come in play at one point or another during a duel. Discussion thread: Usage:
  16. I will be dealing with what was decided on after this threads posts tommorow, if anybody has any final thoughts get them in now
  17. probably this month yes i'm not posting all of those changes though as they tend to be large and irrelevant.
  18. all a part of the hustle durants being discussed though, will see what happens
  19. My vote doesn't matter unless it reaches a stalemate, but I am favor of banning roserade.
  20. It was test-banned, it got unbanned this month.
  21. Third month in a cycle so movements are 4.36% both ways Moving up to OU from UU: Porygon2 - 4.88% Usage in OU Moving down from UU to NU: Venusaur - 4.33% Usage in UU Roserade - 4.24% Usage in UU Gigalith - 3.63% Usage in UU Discuss at your leisure. OU: UU: NU: Doubles: LC:
  22. This is a known issue, thank you for your report.
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