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  1. Last time I share info with Gilligan if hes running around telling everybody
  2. They short individually, together prob like, 20-25 hours for a fast reader, I knocked each out in 10ish hours. So 30-35 total for me as a slower reader.
  3. Don't you do music things

    1. Eggplant


      really depends on your standards. and desired genre.

      i can do basically orchestra, rock, or chiptunes.

      haven't the slightest clue about electronic etc.


      for orchestra, it's always possible to arrange a draft via midi (like the one i linked) and then ask real instrumentalists to record some parts for me, which would drastically improve sound quality.

      or i can buy / learn to use better samples.

    2. Munya


      How much do better samples cost, lets pretend I know nothing about the specific details on that kind of stuff, instead of knowing that I don't.

    3. Eggplant


      no clue dude. depends how much i want to upgrade.

      i haven't done tons of research on it.

      probably, everything is fine as-is, bar only brass and violins.


      like drums, bass, piano, ambient strings, woodwinds etc all sound realistic enough.

      if i'm lucky i can just find samples for those two and plug them into my current software.

      if i'm not lucky, i might need new software. or even a keyboard.


      ...but usually probably between $50 and $200 for new samples.

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  4. So did I, is why I bought it despite having already read it. If you liked G-Senjou, and haven't played Sharin no Kuni yet, you should.
  5. This has been answered, closing.
  6. talk to your mom NPC after getting your starter, or get to castelia and take the boat.
  7. Munya

    Mi Idea

    Please provide an english translation with all posts not made in english, ty.
  8. Munya

    Attack on Titan

    I guess I never got too emotionally invested in the characters though the shock factor does get me cause, I wasn't expecting ____ to happen. So I haven't felt the need to stop reading. If it goes off the rails, I want to see how far off the rails it will go.
  9. You can do all of the above things and still berry farm.
  10. Nothings currently banned to ubers Umm, what, how do you figure that? Where in that is money that is being generated at a now higher rate due to the ease at what legendaries would do content being lost?
  11. Munya

    Attack on Titan

    You have no idea, they did some characters dirtier than you can even imagine.
  12. Munya

    Attack on Titan

    I don't want to spoil it, so click at own risk.
  13. Munya

    Attack on Titan

    Reiner was the MC the whole time, it makes sense now.
  14. Its not that they are disabled, its just that we don't have support for that mechanic yet.
  15. Munya

    Attack on Titan

    What the hell did I just read, does @Ploegy still visit these forums so I can have somebody to rage with
  16. As the above user has pointed out, please use the vanity suggestion thread for vanity related suggestions. Also please provide an English translation for all posts
  17. Then PvP/player interactions become less worth it due to having to spend more time in battles than their PvE counterparts. Not to mention the game is currently balanced/being balanced with animation times in mind.
  18. This was recently discussed and stated why it won't happen in this thread:
  19. Munya

    nearby players

    Probably because you should know that you are there, since you are there
  20. Munya

    nearby players

    Huh? Nearby players exists, they would be able to see you on it. You don't show up on your own list is why you probably aren't seeing yourself.
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