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  1. This will be removed when the server is back up as it should be resolved.
  2. FYI to those of you in the future, Sweet Scent is always learned with 0/Max PP, so in the case of sketch smeargle will always struggle after sketching the move.
  3. Usually it means Phenomena, which are things like shaking grass, dust clouds, rippling water etc.
  4. TC has pretty much unanimously voted to ban this thing, so its happening.
  5. Its not despite being listed there, go to its dex page, its untiered.
  6. There was nothing balanced about it before, it was banned, now its not.
  7. It could already do those things, vanilla mechanic. Nothing custom was added to it, the only thing that happened was one piece of it was removed.
  8. Encore, due to an issue with it, has been temporarily banned in all formats of competitive play until the issues are resolved.
  9. Not happening, won't be one till the end of the month due to new pokemon being dropped in to give people time to breed and to gain actual usage from it.
  10. It is not sketchable no.
  11. 274 right now, not including arceus which isn't necessary but does fill up an extra slot. Magmar is temporarily not in that dex so the number dropped 1.
  12. Not normal, what happened in the turn this occured in
  13. Apparently its buggy and unreliable and will work for some people and not for others, and can break for the people its working for eventually, maybe. Either way we are aware of the issue.
  14. Is your meowth holding an everstone
  15. You can't pass through that, and they aren't stuck, they can just go step on the teleporter to exit the gym so unstuck would do nothing for them.
  16. You can, this is actually an issue with multiform pokemon such as burmy/wormadam and Rotom and not with their being 2 201's, it looks like you have owned them all if you have seen them, but in reality there is one that you haven't. So go re-obtain them until it unlocks 275/275.
  17. In your clients directory on your PC there is a folder called logs, inside that is a text document that is called Console, open it and copy paste it.
  18. There have been a few reports of this, could you please make a post in the bug reports section and include your console log? https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/11-bug-report/
  19. Correct, it would currently be impossible to.
  20. Legionaries aren't required, the fossils one should be fixed next update.
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