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  1. Hi this was a bug, it should be resolved next update.
  2. Please don't abuse bugs even if its in a perceived harmless way.
  3. Ah k, thats known about, the OU in their statement threw me off.
  4. "Up" Rotom Fan Golurk Bronzor Seismitoad "Down" Pikachu Kangaskhan Omastar Manectric
  5. It was decided at implementation that randoms is not suited for the tournament format so will not be receiving support for it.
  6. Final month of a season, 4.36% to move up or down. Moving to OU from UU: Torkoal Moving to UU from OU: Heracross Mandibuzz Moving to UU from NU: Slowbro Moving to NU from UU: Aerodactyl Gligar Porygon Z -The vote has concluded, it will not be banned from UU at this time. Discussion threads: Additionally we are looking to bring on one new member to TC, if you would like to apply you can do so by sending me a DM here on forums. TC members are required to have at minimum 30 matches a month in ranked or tournament play, if you cannot meet this requirement do not bother applying.
  7. Thank you for your report, this is surely not intended mechanics, I will bring it to the devs attention.
  8. Thank you for your report, in the future please make them https://support.pokemmo.eu/login/ here
  9. Imagine actually contributing to the discussion thread to maybe see where they stand on things.
  10. All usage based movements, they are above or below the 4.36% cutoff point in their respective tiers. We will also be conducting the vote on Porygon-Z in UU this month. To OU: Torkoal To UU from OU: Heracross Mandibuzz To UU from NU Slowbro To NU from UU Gligar Aerodactyl
  11. Please do not bump topics/spam with posts that do not contribute to the suggestion in some way itself.
  12. Thats a polar bear not cubchoo, use this thread for vanity suggestions:
  13. Nothing will be moving this month, we will be continuing to keep an eye on P-z through december.
  14. The other question is answered by my statement.
  15. Nobody has more than once, single people have once individually. This is all I am going to say on the subject, as why they may or may not have been able to participate is between each individual member and myself/other overseeing staff.
  16. Last month they all reported their matches and met the quota except one person whos vote didn't matter anyway at the time, this month they have not all gotten back to me yet but a few people have met the quota and the ones that haven't I am not going to punish during the holiday season when things are naturally busy for people. They will not get a vote on things though, and this has been disclosed to them. I will not be publicly disclosing ranks or how much people competed beyond the requirement, which is currently at least 1 match per day of the month, they don't all have to be on the same day. If any of them wishes to disclose more than that, they are free to.
  17. If you wish to talk about hax items please do so in the thread for it, they were not mentioned in any way in this thread nor has anybody stated what will happen or might happen to them. staff or otherwise. This is out of the scope of monthly tiering updates.
  18. I'm not doing anything that requires manual data entry. Those days are gone, not doing it again.
  19. Heck nah, I wasn't going to try and get a vote out of everybody if it wasn't needed lol
  20. It never actually got voted on, it moved naturally before any vote was held.
  21. Don't think anybodies talked too much about it and i haven't pressed them very hard on it yet, stil have some thanksgiving stuff to do today. I did leave a message asking what they are thinking about it before I head out though. The problem with doing anything with it this month though is that we are heading into the last month of a season which could leave us with some pretty wild movements in January if we went with a ban on anything right now, I don't even know if we can ban this quick after another I would have to check whatever I wrote in the rules. What would have happened in a new season, if I didn't miss anything: These are not actual changes, just what would have been.
  22. 1.7 down 6.7 to go up, 2nd month of the season. Nothing changes via usage. If it were a new season there would be some changes though if anyone is interested in that info I can post it.
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