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  1. The prizes are the same for both. 4x25 is shiny only, you could request more non-shiny I guess if you want perfect comps.
  2. Please keep vanity related suggestions in the vanity thread located here:
  3. This is the final month in a cycle as such we will be using 4.36 to move either up or down. Moving UP from NU to UU: Slowbro - 5.81% Usage in UU Linoone - 5.71% Usage in UU Usage can be found: Monthly discussion thread can be found below, it will be left open until next months discussion thread is put up if anyone wants to continue their discussion or bring something up ahead of time.
  4. The posts that were hidden involved the hiding of posts on the forums and nothing to do with the topic, it has always been forum policy to both hide off topic posts in this section & that if you have an issue with a post being hidden, you can take it up with a moderator and they would be able to tell you more as to why it was hidden, so in the future please do so instead of derailing topics with little to no contributing content to the topic itself, thank you.
  5. Slowbro & Linoone moving up out of NU to UU, both are above the 4.36% cutoff point.
  6. Normal discussion thread rules apply. This is the final month in a cycle as such we will be using 4.36 to both move up or down as a cutoff point. OU: UU: NU: Doubles: LC: Locked while I go through usage based movements. Will unlock once they are determined.
  7. I'm saying this is how the system works, LC does not work off the regular tier system so things being in LC do not directly remove them from being used in other tiers, removing things from Untiered will however remove them from being used in other tiers(other than LC since they would still be assigned to it) Think of it like when you do a duel, if you don't select UU, but you do OU and NU, and I am assuming Untiered exists as an option now - things in UU can't be used, its the same system. If you think thats alright, and we should just have to additionally select LC, keep in mind when you select LC it automatically sets it to LC mode and removed the other tier selections, or should be it appears to be bugged atm, probably something to do with the addition of Untiered.
  8. LC isn't a lower tier, it's a gimmick tier entirely separate, removing lc mons from untiered removes them from being usable outside of lc
  9. I'll be entirely honest, we are not judging viability in the "untiered" tier, as it is litterally a place for junk that didn't make it into usage. The tier council isn't touching it beyond things that fall out of NU naturally go there, nor am I, as that is not what it was created for.
  10. Untiered is part of the 3 main tiers, LC isn't involved in them, probably not even considered a tier.
  11. Given the what this topic is, i figure it fair that this be shared with this thread outside of the TC as well, late-mid month LC usage to see how its going.
  12. Munya

    Gym Rematch Timer

    Its also common knowledge what the Elite 4 reset timers are - thats not really the point of the suggestion though. Its to help keep track of that info without having to consciously remember when you did which gym leader, or writing it down.
  13. Android users can play, am I misunderstanding something?
  14. How was the LC CC Friday without Diglett involved?
  15. This is the wrong place for it, if you would like to bring this topic up somewhere please do so in one of the discussion threads in competition alley as well as why it should be unbanned in whichever tier you are proposing it be untanned in.
  16. Munya


    We are not going to add offline play for PokeMMO, if you wish to play any of the games while away from a source of internet you should just play the actual games.
  17. Your elitism is showing

  18. Munya

    return channel 6

    Alright, no, there is no need for it, when more channels are necessary the game will auto-populate them. Unless that happens you are stuck with your base 5 channels as more are not necessary by default.
  19. Munya

    Attack on Titan

    This chapter... was so ridiculously good for something that so little happened in
  20. I vote that this thread be pinned and never deleted Featured on the front page of forums even.
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