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  1. Looked at the tiering policy thread, it is indeed quite outdated and has been band aided over before by myself and probably others, should have an update. Something I have to work on with the devs though. I'd say the characteristics of an uber thing is still accurate, just how they are handled is done differently. And only pertaining to the actual Ubers tier, not BL/BL2. If something were to become Uber it is the devs desire that all pokemon be useable in some form in the 3 singles tiers. so we look at ways to resolve it being in Ubers. But if something is being pushed to BL2 for instance, it is still useable in UU which is one of the singles formats so there is no need to address anything with it to make it usable. It was brought up at the end of the last month and I am not comfortable making a ban going into the final month of a season, so I asked them to hold off on making any decisions and very specifically asked them to pay attention to p2/duggy for the duration of this month so we could have a hopefully more informed discussion on the subject. baby steps. I am fine with cursed body being discussed if it is indeed a problem, but I still think its okay for me to be surprised by the issue especially considering comments and reactions to that change when it was done(changing it from levitate to cursed body, seemed like a huge downgrade going off of every bodies assumptions, my own included, so yes, I am surprised that people are finding it an issue, I did not mean for that to be a attack on anybody, and if it was perceived as such, I apologize). Give me a bit I may respond to more, this is all very hectic and my eyes/concentration are failing me.
  2. It wasn't, it also broke the TC agreement every member that signs up agrees to when they agree to join the TC. That said, drop the madara topic, if you want to discuss policy, I'm all ears.
  3. What exactly has changed or what do you think has changed, ask and I'll clarify cause afaik nothing has. Also thats what these thread are for, discourse on the subject of what is currently going on in the competitive scene. The stuff said here is very much carried over into the discord, and vice versa. This month, when the thread goes up, we intend on discussing p2 & dug in their respective tiers. But these threads(and the requests threads) are always open for discussion at all times even beyond that. As for activity, I have already stated, in this very thread I am fairly sure, as well as to every tc member, who have known it for a few months now, the requirement in participating in the competitive scene, that begins in the new season in like, 2 weeks or whatever, there will be no hiding behind some invisible wall with inactivity. Right right we did change the number of votes needed to ban something from a majority to a supermajority. And we prefer to do these bans at the beginning of a new season rather than the last month of a season where movement cutoffs are smaller and they influence tiers to a greater degree, possibly in a negative way if a ban ends up being bad.
  4. Ehh what? He gives very accurate information, what exactly is he telling you that is "wrong".
  5. There will be a formal vote at the end of the month, so nobody knows its fate(also true for P2). The previous vote the month before last for it was split though. Not really a lot to say about it.
  6. After asking, the game already does give priority to friends when choosing who to display.
  7. Depens on the region, it doesn't function in the GBA regions afaik, not sure about Sinnoh.
  8. This is a known issue, in the future please report bugs here: https://support.pokemmo.eu/login/
  9. Nothing is moving this month but TC has been instructed to pay extra attention to the porygon issue this month, so hopefully going into the next season we will have a verdict on it. Also starting in the new season TC members will be required to play matchmaking/tournaments, whichever suits their needs.
  10. 1.7 down 6.7 up, going into the final month of the season. Nothing changes based on usage.
  11. Nope, not a new season yet. Not low enough even if it were.
  12. I've decided I'll care about MLA if Akane makes an appearance but her part in MLA was small so I get the feeling it may get cut out.
  13. Posts that do not contribute to suggestions have always been against the suggestions box rules, this includes +1/-1 posts and post that only contain the word "bump", if you have nothing to contribute to the topic, then spend some time thinking of something to contribute before you submit a post. You are correct, outside of the dev team pretty much nobody has any knowledge of where things stand, so you can't them to comment on a topic they know nothing about instead of moderating.
  14. Sounds like you are just trying to write it off because you didn't like it.
  15. total eclipse is based off original material from the same creator, it is as much a part of the muv-luv universe as anything is
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