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  1. Hello beautiful

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    2. Emlee



      I am super well. Doing my Ph.D. in France. Yourself? I thought it was about time I checked in with all of the kids here. 

    3. Munya


      Wow that sounds fun, what kind of places have you visited while there?  I'm doing fine, december was rough cause I had my gallbladder removed the Friday before Christmas which hit my wallet hard, then recovery time but other than that, not bad.

    4. Emlee


      Oh God. Healthcare in the states. Sorry to hear about it, are you all on the mend now? 

      I've been to a couple places in Europe since moving here, and have a few others booked for the next couple of months - so yeah I have been exploring with friends. It's lovely. Life is honestly perfect, I have no complaints really outside normal stuff. 


      Like feel free to PM if you'd like. 

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